I Love You Too

Ally has run away from home she bumps into five strangers apparently one called Harry one called Louis one called Zayn one called Liam oh yeah and one called Niall

Join Niall and Ally in this wonderful relationship


5. Aw thank you Nialler

                                                   Allys P.O.V


I went down stairs and found Niall sitting on the sofa in a black suit "Aw Niall you look so cute!! Oh and were are we going?" i exclaimed "Oh I cant tell you that!!" he said. he came towards me and put a blindfold on my eyes "NIALL WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" I exclaimed "Well I did say it was a surprise so you cant see till we get there!!"


Niall walked me too the car laughing. "Whats so funny?" I asked "Nothing you just look just as beautiful with a blindfold on!" Niall replied. So I just shrugged and took his word for it.I felt Niall put me in the car and fasten my seat belt. I heard him start the car up "How far is it I don't want to wear this blindfold for too long!" I said. Niall Laughed and said "Don't worry it's only five minutes away!" He laughed.I just sat there remembering Bruce (my dad). I felt myself starting to cry. "Whats wrong?" Niall asked me. "Well umm, its just the memories of my dad..." I said


                                                                  Nialls P.O.V


She sounded really upset. I gave her a little kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry about him it's alright you have me now." I said.

She looked up and smiled at me. "Ally will you be my girl friend?" I asked her hoping she would say yes "I would love to Niall!" She exclaimed. We were just about to kiss when i fan came to the window of the car. thats when i realized I hadn't taken Ally's blindfold off. "Oops!" I said as I took off the blindfold. I looked back around to the fan. "Are you okay?" I asked "YEAH! Can i get your autograph!" she screamed "Yeah, on one condition."I said "WHAT WHAT I'LL DO ANYTHING!!!" she screamed " Don't tell anyone I'm here, OK?" I said "sure!" she said. I quickly gave her my autograph. I got out the car and so did Ally.

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