I Love You Too

Ally has run away from home she bumps into five strangers apparently one called Harry one called Louis one called Zayn one called Liam oh yeah and one called Niall

Join Niall and Ally in this wonderful relationship


1. Running away

                          Alex's P.O.V


"GET DOWN HERE NOW!" my angry dad called. Oh no what have i done this time thought. I walked down the stairs carefully "HURRY UP!" he called. I started to tremble i wanted to go to my room and cry but my dad was at the bottom of the stairs. "GET YOUR HUGE BUTT DOWN HERE NOW!!!!!" my dad called i started to cry. "SHUT UP AND STOP CRYING!" my dad said as he pulled my down the stairs "Care full! you could have killed me!" I exclaimed without thinking. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!" shouted my dad " B-BE care f-f-full.." I said scared to death. I was shivering with fear "AND!!!" my dad said. "Y-you could have k-k-killed me..." .  I muttered "AND I SHOULD HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!" my dad shouted. Just then the doorbell rang. my dad told me to stay  i waited until he was at the door then ran upstairs shoved some clothes in a bag and started to climb out the window onto the vines that were on the wall. I could hear my dad coming up the stairs. I held onto the vine and did not dare to move. My dad well I'm not going to call him dad I'll just call him Bruce since that's his name. "Found you! I am going to kill you when i get my hands on you!" he called i quickly Jumped down the vines and ran into a bush "please don't find me!" I said in my head. I saw Bruce walk past i closed my eyes he just walked past. I opened my eyes to see him walking around with a knife in his hand. He walked away from the street. I stayed in the bush for a few minutes then i said to myself were should i go. With out thinking i got out the bush and ran when i was running i hurt my ankle but forced myself to keep running. After about half an hour i saw a big crowd of people. I ran over to were they were it was a cafe. I walked around the back to find five young boys sitting at a table " Ummmm sorry i didn't mean to interrupt!" i said embarrassed. " And why is there a big crowd of people outside?" I asked confused


                    Nialls P.O.V


WOW!!!! that girl is so beautiful. She has long silky hair and beautiful green eyes "Hi!" i said to this wonder full girl "We are One Direction a band you probably all ready knew that though!"i said. Man Niall stop being stupid!! "Ummmm, i actually didn't know!!!" shes so beautiful my heart was turned to jelly!!



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