Super pig to the rescue!

This is for the poetry competition on Movellas :)


1. To the rescue!!! Well, not exactly...

Fast asleep, in the shed,

Super pig is in his bed.

Dreams of cotton candy treats,

Dreams of robot nightmare freaks.

Hears a sound, big and loud,

Coming from a stable crowd.

Scooting out, of his bed,

Went too fast, banged his head.

Step by step, hoof by hoof,

There's a sound upon the roof.

Up he climbs, on the vines,

When he hears some little whines.

Ear by ear, nose by nose,

He can see a dainty rose.

For his piggy juliest,

He forgot about the rest,

For he had gone to bed again,

And now was in his vest.





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