The overthrow of Flat King

Peter is a boy who is about to find out that magic really exists,exactly when his fate in that kind of things is beggining to fade.
He and a friend will try to help the creatures in Flatterya to restablish the order and the peace who was destroyed by the evil king and his allies.
Queen Aurora needs his help.
Will he succeed or his fate in magic will dissappear?

Note:im romanian and english is not my native language so if i made some errors..


1. One little big finding

Peter was just lying down in his bed,tired after he played baseball on the backyard with his friend Antoine.
Because Antoine was from France and spoke english,let's say,not so good,he was seen as weird and ackward by his new colleagues.
And because he liked to read a lot he was even more weird for them.
So here is why Peter befriended him so quickly.
As i said,Peter was lying on his bed,tired but still thinking of what his new friend just told him.
He could not believe.I mean,things like that just don't happen in real life.He was ten years old,how could he believe that there was another world where the beetles were messengers for the queen-cat,and a dog is the master servant of her?
And Quark and Princess,the spies-frogs on the king's Flat evil empire?
What about the doves trying to help fleeing from Flatterya to those who could'nt escape when King Flat overthrew Queen Aurora?
"No,no,Antoine is making all up,he thinks i'm going to believe this?He just reads a lot of..uhmm..books...yeah..books,he reads a lot of books,just like me,that's all."
-Ha ha..said Peter with loud voice getting up.

-Peter,Peter honey,please come down,me and your brother have something for youuuu...

-"I hope is not another sweater"thought the boy but instead answered his mother:

-I'm coming right now mom.

He loved his mom,and he would never upset her,and that's why he wore always those silly sweaters she was boughting him.She was always defending him when he was fighting and arguing with his older brother Frankie.

"Yeah,Frankie..i bet he"ll get something better than a sweater...and he wont have to wear it when all the relatives will come for Christmas"
"Not that i won't wish that happening for him"

As he was descending the stairs,that thought amused him,imagining his older brother wearing that in front of all the guests really amused him.

-Come on,Peter-pan,move your legs and hurry up,shouted his brother.

Peter not even bothered to answer.
When he entered the living room,his mom and Frankie were all smiles,looking at him.

-Why don't you hurry up,Peter-pan?
-Let him alone,Frank,i don't want to see you too fighting over anything today.
-But he was....
-Pete darling,said his mom,why don't you go in the kitchen?I think someone is nervous to meet you.

And he was already heading to the kitchen.

-I don't see anyo...Oh my god...A puppy...Mooom...Is a pupyy..and the boy was jumping and screaming..I can't believe..Is it ours?
-Whom do you think it is,Peterus?is yours.
Now you have a friend,finally..
-Frank..said his mother.
-But is true,mom.He's always reading his stupid books alone.

Frank was twelve years-old,and he knew that magic is'nt true,or at least that was what he thought.

-As you know,Pete,aunt Margareta and uncle Simon will come to spend the hollydays with us.There will be coming your grandaddies too,and your cousins Eva,Lucas,Morton,Johny...and uncle Mitch and aunt Shirley..yeah..them too,so i have too take care of all the details..and..could'nt hide your present untill Christmas..because he barks and needs feeding..So i decided to give you one present earlier this year.

-Merry christmas darling.

She put her arms around his blonde head,and kissed him on the forehead.

-Don't forget that you have to look around him,you must feed him and take care of him..said his mother while she put a big big smile on her face.
Peter looked up to her and she could see in his big green eyes that he was very happy.

-Thank you,mom,thank you from all my heart.
And then he hugged her too.


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