A Summer With The Janoskians

If you haven't heard of the Janoskians look them up on youtube as "Janoskians" or "Daresundays"

Britney, Olivia, Jasmine, Jaycee and Ashley arrive in Melbourne they are excited about their summer vacation in Australia. Britney goes somewhere by herself one day cause the others were sleeping when she meets a boy, Beau. But the way she meets him isn't what you call a good start as he is covered in Milk.


2. We Meet Again

-Britney's POV- 

Me and the girls were walking down the road when I heard a familiar voice 
"I'd lick it for fun anyway" it was Beau's voice followed by other voices 
"Who's that?" Ashley asks 
"I think that's-" I'm cut off by Beau yelling 
"'I would lick it for fun anywaaaay!" He yells 
"Beau" I finish my sentence 
"You mean the guy you told us about?" Olivia asks 
"Yeah" I say 
"It's coming from the park, lets spy" Jasmine says we sneak and I see him Beau right dead in the middle his leg over some one else's and he was playing with his nipple what a good first impression for my friends Beau... 
"Which ones Beau?" They ask 
"He's the one in-" I pause 
"Be part of the centipede but be at the front" Beau says a boy in a beanie says 
"But then you'd have to eat like dog food" he says then Beau turns to him 
"I don't care it's better than shit" Beau says Jasmine and Olivia laugh but cover their mouthes 
"Who's there?!" Beau calls out 
"Shit..." I swear under my breath, I step out and the girls follow me a smile shows up on Beau's face 
"Britney" he says 
"Wait that's Britney the girl you said was-" the one in the beanie starts but Beau covers his mouth
"Shut the fuck up Jai" he says the one called Jai nods and Beau takes his hand off his mouth I notice Olivia staring at a boy in a blue and white shirt I elbow her 
"Don't stare it's creepy" I whisper 
"It's not if he's staring back" she says I shake my head 
"So we meet again" Beau says the one in the blue and white shirt turns off the camera
"Yeah but this time your not covered in milk" I said, he nods 
"And your not on your phone" he says he looks the girls over 
"Which ones Jazz?" He asked Jasmine shyly raised her hand 
"Nice to meet you I'm Beau, nice to meet all of you these are my friends James and Daniel but we call him Skip, and these are my little brothers Luke and Jai, their twins" he says gesturing to each of them 
"Nice to meet you all these are my friends Jasmine but we call her Jazz , Ashley, Jaycee and Olivia" I said gesturing to them all 
"You have very pretty friends" Skip says 
"Thank you, you have very handsome friends" I said back to him 
"Aw shucks" Luke says making Olivia giggle 
"So do you guys wanna hang out?" Jai asks 
"Of course" Jazz says 
"Sure" I say we all walk around the park and end up infront of a house 
"What are we doing here?" I asked 
"This is me, Luke and Jai's house" Beau says as we walk in it smelt like peaches, I wondered if that's what Beau smelled like when he wasn't covered in milk.
"Where's your parents?" I asked 
"Mums on vacation and our Dad left when we were young." Beau explains 
"Your Mum left you to go on vacation?" I asked 
"Well we wanted to stay here and I'm nineteen so I'm a legal guardian when she's not here" Beau says 
"How interesting Brit here is nineteen as well and is our legal guardian on this trip" Jaycee says 
"Nice" Beau says breaking the awkward silence 

We have warmed up a little.. It has started to get dark I was playing a video game with Beau, Jai and Jazz when I glanced out the window
"It's getting kinda dark" I said to Beau he paused the game 
"You know what that means right boys?!" He yelled 
"MANHUNT!!!!" They all yelled in deep voices 
We sorted out the boundaries 
"Now boys pick a partner to the opposite sex we don't want any of them getting lost now would we?" Beau says doing something him and Skip call the Cockatoo face Luke smiles toward Olivia Jai and Jazz nod at each other and me and Beau don't even have to look at each other to know were partners and we look over James and Ashley had crashed on the couch we just leave going into the darkness with only the lights of the lock screens of our iPhones. 
I walked beside Beau as we split up Skip and Jaycee were it. Adrenaline built up inside me.

-Olivia's POV- 

I walked beside Luke as we walked around we started off walking with Jai and Jazz but we split up. 
Luke walked me towards the dark structure of the park it was really creepy at night I clutched Ono Luke's arm 
"It's ok it's safe in Melbourne" he says 
"Ok" I say we hear voices behind us so we quickly go into a part of the jungle gym that was like a cube but it was high up they wouldn't see us. Luke turns on his flashlight app but dims it down so it's not noticeable we sit across from each other 
"So Liv what brings you to Melbourne business or pleasure?" He asks 
"Pleasure" I say 
"I figured" he said 
"So how old are you and Jai?" I asked 
"Me and Jai are 16 years old" he says yes! I'm 16 too. 
"Me too" I said 
"Wait did you call me Liv?" I asked 
"Yeah, I thought I should give you a nickname" he said innocently 
"Ok I'm going to call you Lukey" I said 
"Or Lu, what ever I feel in the moment" I said 
"Sounds good" he said and smiledwe heard voices and ran into behind a fence Luke helped me over the fence I fell ontop of him our faces hovering over each others 
"I'm sorry" I apologize he smiles 
"It's alright but this would have been cute if you didn't land on my balls" he says I gasp and roll off of him as he hold the... Area... 
"I'm so sorry Luke!" I apoligise again 
"Really it's ok Olivia" he says 
"No it's not" I said he looked up at me as we sat up 
"I should have watched where I was falling or been more careful or-" I'm cut off by him placing his lips on mine. 

-Jasmine's POV- 

Jai guides me through the dark park he held my arm making sure not to loose me we hide in a patch of bushes and sit down it was kind of awkward because Jai was kind of shy around me, so he doesn't really talk. He leaned back against the stump I watched him carefully scanning his face he was actually gorgeous, his brown hair and brown eyes his lips and adorable nose. He looks over at me I quickly look away, he chuckles I raise my eyes and look at him I can feel my face flushing redas a tomato 
He smiles at me and looks my face over catching every inch of it his eyes eventually click back with mine causing me to smile stupidly and blush. 

-Britney's POV-

Me and Beau were walking through the field side by side 
"Hey I think I see someone!" Ashley yells
"Shit run" Beau says
"Where?" I ask as we take off he grabs my hands and pulls me along I feel gravel under my feet and we run down the path I trip but Beau quickly helps me up
"Down here" he whispers we get down a hill and Ashley and James run by thinking we kept going.
"Your good at this game" I said he turns on his phone screen
"I'm good at a lot of things" he says winking at me I giggle

-Olivia's POV-

Luke's lips slowly leave mine his hands still laced with mine he rests his forehead on mine, I know right there and then I was Truly,Madly, Deeply in love with Luke.
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