A Summer With The Janoskians

If you haven't heard of the Janoskians look them up on youtube as "Janoskians" or "Daresundays"

Britney, Olivia, Jasmine, Jaycee and Ashley arrive in Melbourne they are excited about their summer vacation in Australia. Britney goes somewhere by herself one day cause the others were sleeping when she meets a boy, Beau. But the way she meets him isn't what you call a good start as he is covered in Milk.


7. Props

-Luke's POV-

I heard the door open and close, the person entering trying to be as quiet as possible I got up and grabbed the TV remote I looked back down at the still keeping Olivia and slowly walked out if the room I saw to dark figures I turned on the light
"What are you doing in my house?" I whisper yell I only see Jai and Jazz I then grin I look at the clock in the wall
"It's like 2 in the morning" I said
"Go up to bed I'll be there in a minute" Jai says to her and to my surprise he pecks her lips
"Did you just?" I said as she reached the top of the stairs
"Don't worry that's not our first kiss" he says
"You kissed her when where? Come in the kitchen" I say and lead him to the kitchen door and pushed it open it shut silently. I leaned him against the counter I put my hands on his shoulders
"Tell me everything" I said he told me everything from how it happened and what her lips tasted like after he was done all I could think about to do was hold up my fist to him
"Props" I said he smiled and punched my fist I hugged him
"I love you brother" I said embracing him
"Love you too" he says
"Now go to bed don't wanna keep Jazz waiting" I said
"Yeah, your a good big brother Luke, keep everyone I told you to a limit please?" He says
"Of course" I said he smiled
"See ya later then" he says I nod and he's gone I go back into the living room and lay beside Olivia again cuddling up to her hugging her close.

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