A Summer With The Janoskians

If you haven't heard of the Janoskians look them up on youtube as "Janoskians" or "Daresundays"

Britney, Olivia, Jasmine, Jaycee and Ashley arrive in Melbourne they are excited about their summer vacation in Australia. Britney goes somewhere by herself one day cause the others were sleeping when she meets a boy, Beau. But the way she meets him isn't what you call a good start as he is covered in Milk.


9. Mom Visits

-Brit's POV- 

I heard the doorbell and it woke me up as my eyes opened I saw Beau laying in front of me I smiled I thought we fell asleep on the couch? 
I knocks on the door got more urgent. I sighed getting up and walking halfway down the stairs when I saw our mom at the door she didnt see me I quickly ran up the stairs 
"Girls! Hide the boys! Now!" I yelled I ran into my room and woke up Beau pushing him off the bed. 
"Stay there!" I yelled and ran down grabbing the boys shoes and throwing them in the closet. 
I answered the door with a fake grin 
"Hey mom!" I said she smiled pulling me into a hug. 
"Ugh, Brit ditch that shower go or whatever your using you smell like a boy." She said i nodded 
"Your suggestion is noted." I said but I was really thinking 
"No that's just the smell of my half naked boyfriend I lost my virginity to just a few nights ago. Oh and did I mention he's upstairs?" Because my mom always was up my ass about being a good role model for Jazz and Liv. But I sometimes just wanted to tell her to get off my ass. 
"What're you doing here?" I asked 
"Can't I visit my own daughters? Where's Jazz and Liv?" She asked 
"Sleeping." I said 
"Can I wake them up?" She asked 
"Mom, just come back later ok?" I said 
"Fine. Nice seeing you too Brit." She said I rolled my eyes as I shut the door I stood at the door a moment longer my relationship with my mom was alway shitty.
"You ok?" I looked behind me and saw Beau wearing his LA SnapBack he weakly smiled at me I walked forwards hugging him I started to cry. 
"Aw babe. Why are you crying?" He asked he wrapped his arms around my waist 
"My mom, she hates me." I said 
"That was your mom?" He asked 
"Yeah, she hates me." I said 
"No one can hate you, your too adorable." He said I giggled 
"I love you" I whispered he giggled 
"I love you too" he said 

-Jazz's POV- 

"What the fuck?!" Luke yelled out in the hall. 
"You wake us all up for that! Holy shit!" Jai called I hadn't noticed he hd left. 
I got up and walked out Jai kissed my temple. 
"Can someone explained to me why I was woken up? I need my fucking beauty sleep!" Luke yelled I giggled 
"Fuck!" He yelled walking back into Olivia's room they laughed seconds later Jai turned back to me and giggled. (Does anyone love Jai's giggle/laugh as much as me?!?!?!) 
"Oh yeah and guess what? She's coming back so I think you boys should leave before she comes back." Brit said coming up the stairs with Beau on her heels. 
"Fuck" I grumbled and dragged Jai into my room. 
"Can't we put a piece of paper on the front door that say "fuck off."?" Beau asked 
"Are you kidding my mom would break in." I said Beau chuckled. I cuddled up to Jai as he closed his eyes to go back to sleep.
I kissed his nose and closed my eyes as well. 

A/N: Im sorry it's taken me so long to update! Hope you enjoyed and thank you!!! :)<3

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