A Summer With The Janoskians

If you haven't heard of the Janoskians look them up on youtube as "Janoskians" or "Daresundays"

Britney, Olivia, Jasmine, Jaycee and Ashley arrive in Melbourne they are excited about their summer vacation in Australia. Britney goes somewhere by herself one day cause the others were sleeping when she meets a boy, Beau. But the way she meets him isn't what you call a good start as he is covered in Milk.


4. Hiya!

-Britney's POV-

1 week later
I was sleeping when I heard foot steps I looked out in the hall nothing I sat back on my bed and heard them again but they weren't in the house they were coming from the roof I opened the window and looked outside
"Hiya!" Beau says I fall back and scream he gets in the window and leans against the wall laughing I hear foot steps in the hall I push him behind my bed and superman jumped onto it sticking my face in my pillow and fake snoring
"Ok then...." I hear Ashley's voice say and she leaves the room shutting the door I look down at Beau who is still laughing covering his mouth I poked his stomach he sat up and our faces were inches apart
"I really like you Britney" he says
"I like you too Beau" I say he leaned in putting his forehead against mine
"You can be really romantic you know that?" I said
"You haven't seen anything yet" he says and leans completely in and closes the gap between our lips
We kiss for about 3 minutes when my door opened we sprang apart Beau falling off my bed I look and see Luke

"Beau?!" Luke yelled
"Luke?!" They yelled shocked to see each other
"Well that escalated quickly" I said
"What's the hell are you doing here?!" They ask each other at the same time
"Luke?" I hear Olivia's sleepy voice
"What are you doing?" She asked walking up behind him and resting her head on his shoulder
"I just caught Beau and Britney kissing" Luke says
"Aww, now lets go back to bed" she said he points at Beau
"Wrap up the beast" he said and left
"That awkward" I said Beau smiles
"That's Luke for you" he says I giggle
"Sleep here?" I ask
"I can't I gotta go home I thought Luke was at home with Jai" he says I make a pouty face
"I'll see you in the morning" he says and pecks my lips and limbs back out the window
"Bye" I whisper to the empty area he was in and go back to bed

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