A Summer With The Janoskians

If you haven't heard of the Janoskians look them up on youtube as "Janoskians" or "Daresundays"

Britney, Olivia, Jasmine, Jaycee and Ashley arrive in Melbourne they are excited about their summer vacation in Australia. Britney goes somewhere by herself one day cause the others were sleeping when she meets a boy, Beau. But the way she meets him isn't what you call a good start as he is covered in Milk.


3. First Date

-Jasmine's POV-

"Are you sure like you guys just met" I said as Me, Brit and Ash sat on Olivia's bed as she got ready for her and Luke's first her and Ashley had gone outfit shopping this morning and now it's late Luke is picking her up around 6 and it's 5:45
"Jazz can you do my hair for me?" She asks I nod and get off the bed my long skirt hitting my feet as I walk towards her I sit behind her and take her long black hair in my hands
"What do you want done?" I ask
"Can you Braid it?" She asks I smile
"Nothing special for little old Luckey?" I say smiling
"She's got someone special for Luckey in her pants" Jaycee says just entering the room
"Cee that's nasty!" I say she smirks I start the braid down her back
"So Liv are you going to get down and dirty with Luke tonight?" Brit asks wiggling her brows I finish Olivia's braid and she turns around
"Of course he's totally h-o-t" she says winking
"Your gonna use protection right?" I ask
"Jeez Jazz it's a joke I'm not gonna sleep with Luke tonight, it's our first date." She says she sticks a flower clip behind her ear and drags the braid to the opposite side I smile and get up.
When the door bell goes off I look at the clock and it's 6
"Right on time, I'll get it do your last touch ups" I said and walk down the hall I open the door and see Luke in black skinny jeans and a white dress shirt with a black tie I smile
"You clean up good Luke come on in" I said glancing at his lip ring whats it like to kiss him with that on, hell I wonder what it's like to kiss one of the twins, mostly Jai. Jai has grown on me since the manhunt night 2 days ago. Me and Luke stand there awkwardly
"I um like your skirt" he says
"Thanks I like your tie" I say he smiles
"Thanks" he says that's when the girls come in Olivia walks over and pecks Luke's lips the thought of kissing him comes back but I push it away
"Have fun you two!" Brit says and they leave and we peak through the window and see them drive away
"Aww they grow up so fast" Ashley says
"He's hot" Jaycee says
"Don't you have Skip?" I ask
"Yeah he's really hot and amazing but I'm just saying Luke is hot, I'm going to have a bath alright Mum?" She says towards me I smile and chuff
"Whatever Jaycee" I say she giggles and heads up the stairs of the house we rented for our stay.
"Lets watch a movie or something" Ashley says we all head to the living room and pick a movie.

-Olivia's POV-

Me and Luke went to a restaurant it was quite fancy and we had just ordered our food. I sipped my coke through the straw I move out my feet a little and touch Luke's I look up and see him smiling at me
"You wanna play footsee?" He says
"Sure" I say we start to play with each others feet and end up giggling and laughing we starting gaining stares from people when this women was shaking his head at us
"Stop looking at me!" Luke says to her she turns away and me and Luke laugh again our food arrives
"Thanks" we both say and dig in to our food.
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