Dancing in the Stars

I don't know what this is. It just poured out of me...
I think it's a kind of insanity, like someone's just died. Someone close to you, someone you know with all your heart you'll see again, in the afterlife. I guess it's just numbness, really, but it seems slightly crazy all the same...


1. Dancing in the Stars

If I raise my hands to you

I know you won't be there.

If I laugh out loud

They won't understand why.

If I close my eyes and wait

I'll wait forever.

It's like a nightmare

in a way

like my worst nightmare.

But it's also...

better than that.

It's just knowing that

one day

I'll see you

I'll reach out

I'll speak to you

And you to me.

And if you refuse to speak

if you just let go

I'll find you a voice, I swear.

I'll find you one

hidden away

nestled in the darkest caves.

I'll find you one

nobody will ever forget.

Face it

-my friend-

We're dancing in the stars

with nothing between us but light.

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