Midnight Adventures

Alex's life was far fom perfect. Her dad and stepmother abused both her and her half sister. She was bullied at school. And she had no way of escaping. It was one day that her parents went to far and that was the day she escaped...
Both her and her half sister left the house bringing with them only a small photo of their family before everything started going wrong and that was all they needed to find their brother.
So when they are standing alone at the table right in front of their own flesh and blood will they be able to tell him the whole truth or will it never work out?


2. Chapter Two- Meet The Family

His big brown eyes glared into mine, as if he was reading the contents of my brain with one deep stare. Every muscle in my body tensed up and a small shiver ran down my spine, it was then that I noticed what a scene we were making.

"CARROTS FOR EVERYONE!" the boy beside Liam yelled, drawing the attention away from Liam and giving him enough time to snap back to life.

"Alex?" he mumbled shaking his head.

"How do you know my name? We haven't seen you for... years!"

"Mum talks about you sometimes... She never wants me to forget the 'good old days' well you know... before dad... left"

"She remembers us?" my small voice whispered.

"You she does, not this little one..." his face looked down upon Ellie who was still playing with Liam's hands oblivious to our conversation.

"She’s your half-sister...I have a picture!" I yelled and started to search my bag desperate to find the picture I had salvaged from our house "it’s our family! Before the um... Divorce" I slid the small photo, along the table and into Liam's hands.

"it's me, little me...!" his face lit up and he let a small tear escape and run down his face, I was on the verge of crying to and tried to hold the tears in while he studied the photo.

His eyes looked up from the photo and came face to face with mine, examining me closely before calling over a buff security guard waiting by the backstage entrance.

After they exchanged a few glances and had finished whispering to each other Liam turned back to me.

"This is Paul, he's our personal security, he will take you out to our backstage room, we will finish here in half hour then we can talk properly" I nodded to his every word.

He then picked up Ellie an passed her to me, before turning back to the impatient fans and leaving me to follow Paul backstage.

When I walked into the large dressing room I was greeted by a girl around my age, who sat in a makeup chair intrigued by something on her phone.

"Danielle?" Paul huffed, causing her to slowly spin around and face us.

"Oh Paul you brought me company...! She yelled jumping out of her chair and bouncing over.

"Danielle this is Alex and Ellie please take care of them until the other boys finish!" Paul's voice remained stern and within seconds he had started walking back towards the stage leaving me alone with this stranger.

Danielle lead Ellie and I over to some small couches sitting around a T.V where she plonked herself down and started typing rapidly into her phone.

"You can sit down honey, I don't bite" I shuffled closer and sat across from her with Ellie in my lap.

I couldn't help but admire Danielle, she was beautiful! She had beautiful long brown hair that dropped down her back in soft little curls, an amazing tan that most girls would dream of and the figure of a model. I couldn't fault her!

"Sorry the people on here are so obsessive!" Danielle said, not looking up from her phone.

"Are you famous?"

"It feels like it, I'm just a dancer but dating one of the boy’s equals fame in fan girl world!" she let out a little laugh "I should follow you!"

I was caught slightly off guard by her comment "you want to stalk me?"

"No on twitter silly! What's your user name?"

"Well I don't have an account... to be honest I don't really know what twitter is..." she seemed shocked and started explaining to me, everything I needed to know about twitter.

"Well we should probably get you an account then! It's not hard I got my friend Eleanor an account, she was new to it to" I listened to her babble on about followers and trends for a few minutes before she was I was interrupted by some shouting just outside the door.

"AHH A FAN BROKE INTO OUR DRESSING ROOM! Paul!? Paul?!" the blonde haired boy from the band started yelled from the door while waving his arms around like an idiot.

"Niall calm down she's not a fan!" Liam yelled from behind Niall.

"... Is there any food left in this place?" he continued to yell.

"I picked up some Nando's on the way!" Within seconds of Danielle saying that, Niall had already ran over and snatched the small bag of food before retreating to the makeup chairs and scoffing it down.

"I swear that boy is married to food!" Danielle said before pulling Liam down beside her.

"That would be Niall; he's Irish and has a very big obsession with food. Oh and don't EVER go to Nando's and not get Niall something! You won't live to tell the tale" Liam said trying to fill me in on everything I needed to know.

"Now I know you've meet Dani, she's my girlfriend and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet!"

"Thanks Li Li but where are the others?"

As if right on cue in wandered another boy, he had jet black hair that was combed up into a quiff and sparkling brown eyes that seemed to glimmer in the light.

He wandered over to the makeup chair next to Niall and started typing on his phone.

"He likes twitter to!" Dani muttered.

"Yeah that’s Zayn, he's a softy really, but he's obsessed with his hair and if you ever break..." Liam was cut off by the other two boys yelling and screaming as they ran down the hall way and into the dressing room.

"Your never gonna get your carrots back if you don't admit it!" the first boy yelled as he ran in and hid behind a couch cushion.

"Admit you’re not as brilliant as me?" the other boy yelled from just outside the room.

"You will never get them back! That's a promise Lou bear!" the curly hair boy hiding behind the pillow yelled.

"Well I could straighten you’re ha..."

"STOP!" Liam shouted cutting the two boys off and bringing everyone to a halt "no carrots are dying and no hairs being straightened tonight so sit!"

As the second boy walked in I couldn't take my eyes off him. He had the most amazing smile I had ever seen, his eyes glimmered and shone in the bright afternoon light and he had a very fit body from what I could see. I don't know what drew me to him in particular but his cute, cheeky smile was making me slightly nervous.

He sat next to the curly haired boy he had came in with, on the couch next to me while Liam introduced us.

"Alex this is Harry and Louis. They are not normal and should be treated with caution!" while Liam spoke both the boys and Dani giggled a little at his stern warnings "and don't trust them with your carrots or straightener, if you have one that is!?" I laughed a little before Louis interrupted.

"WHERE'S KEVIN?! I left him in here!"

"You put him on your chair so he could check himself out remember!" I was confused as to the conversation between Harry and Louis but ignored it and turned to Zayn who had dropped his phone and had wandered over behind Liam and Dani.

"So who are you?" he asked slowly.

"Well I'm uh..." Liam gave me a small nod as I continued to stutter though my words "well we're..."

"We’re Liam's sisters...!"


Also i know i mentioned Eleanor's name in this and even though in my story she isn't with Louis (i completely ship Louis and Eleanor they are ADORABLE!) i still love her! So i decided she could be in the story as a friend of the boys and will hang out with Alex and Danielle for some girl time maybe later in the story. Also Alex does rock Eleanor Calder's style in this book, she basically is Eleanor with a different name, she's basiclly MINI ELEANOR! Where as Eleanor is quite a happy over exited crazy version of herself :D

lets just say theres a reason Louis and Eleanor arn't together in this story... so be creative and yeah thanks :)

Love Jayde x
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