Midnight Adventures

Alex's life was far fom perfect. Her dad and stepmother abused both her and her half sister. She was bullied at school. And she had no way of escaping. It was one day that her parents went to far and that was the day she escaped...
Both her and her half sister left the house bringing with them only a small photo of their family before everything started going wrong and that was all they needed to find their brother.
So when they are standing alone at the table right in front of their own flesh and blood will they be able to tell him the whole truth or will it never work out?


1. Chapter One- Were Your Sisters...!

I looked into those big brown eyes and suddenly I couldn't help but think back to the events that brought me face to face with my brother...



My legs trembled and my heart stopped as I gripped onto Ellie's fragile body. I pulled Her closer and rubbed her back, whispering soft words into her ears, trying to drown out the shouts coming from the kitchen.

She didn't deserve this, she was too young to have to go though the things my parents have put her though. The insults, the abuse I couldn't dream of doing this to my future children.

"When will they stop Alex?" she whispered.

"I don't know why don't we sing maybe that will stop it?" I knew it was the best way to calm her down, for some reason she liked it when i sang. Though my voice was shaky and weak I still managed to sing a few notes of our favorite song, more than this.


I was only a few bars in when Rodger burst into our room, his face was burning red and i couldn't help but let out a small yelp.

"your the reason were like this you stupid rats!" he yelled at both of us, His bony finger directed at me "if only you were never born"

With that Ellie burst into tears, her long brown hair shielding her face as the tears rolled down landing in her lap. My arm pulled her closer and i rocked her back and forth concentrating only on her.

"why can't you go back to your mum!" usually it would be at this time that he would get sick of looking at us and wander back to his room to drink away his sorrows but instead he lunged for us, grabbing my outstretched leg and pulling me out the door, leaving Ellie on the ground petrified.

"this time your really over! You stupid rat! hero Alex to the rescue! Not this time!"


Once I was in the lounge he let go of me and stared searching for something to hit me with, his evil glare switching between me and the kitchen. As he walked into the kitchen I took the opportunity to escape.

I quickly got up and ran back to my room trying hard to no notify him that i was gone.

When I got there Ellie was on the ground with Marium (our stepmother) standing over her yelling "you stupid brat you want everything!"

"hey get away from her" my voice was weaker than I expected but it stopped Marium's yelling as she turned to face me.

"how was your time with your dad, did you have fun?" she muttered, chuckling as if she told an joke a sick joke.

I didn't answer her and instead I curled up on the floor with Ellie, pulling her towards me and trying to calm her down while she cried into my shirt.

"you need to grow up and stop being a baby!"

"she is a baby you stupid tramp!" as soon as the words left my mouth I regretted it.


The first kick came for my stomach. I pushed Ellie to my side and took the full force of it, trying to hide the pain and not give her the satisfaction she was searching for.

Her next target was Ellie, She knew that if Ellie got hurt that it would hurt me more than any kick or hit she could inflict, but I was to fast for the old bag and while she steadied herself I pushed in front of Ellie and took a hard hit to my chest.

Though the pain was excruciating and i was sure at least one of my ribs was cracked or broken, I continued to be the barrier between Ellie and Marium. It wasn't long before Rodger rejoined us, with an iron stick from beside the fire place at his side.

I watched Ellie's terrified expression and I knew we had to get out of there before he started swinging at us.

"Ellie you need to run!" I whispered while Rodger Smashed the stick onto the ground, trying to get a reaction "Ellie your going to run to the front door and run to Aunt Belles OK?" my whispers were silenced by the smashing of Ellie's small collection of glass snow globes as they fell onto the cold hard floor.

"when do we run?"

"you run and I catch up, just don't stop, keep going for Aunt belles!"

Though she was slightly reluctant she knew that it was the only way out of this nightmare.

I kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly before whispering "GO"


It was as if everything went in slow motion. Marium and Rodger hadn't expected Ellie to run so it took a minute for Marium to react and run after her, while Rodger continued to tower over me.

"you told her to run! Your corrupting her mind you stupid bitch! I'm making her better!"  I was to busy thinking of Ellie to take offence to his insults and instead started preparing myself to run.

I was slowly getting into a crouching position and grabbing a photo of my whole family that sat beside me before sliding up the wall and staring straight into my fathers cold eyes.

"your not going anywhere!" his rod came cracking down as my arm shot out to run.


My legs carried me out the door and onto the concrete path before Rodger stumbled out of the house. For some reason he wasn't chasing me, and as I turned around to find out what the delay was I saw Marium retreating from her chase, with Ellie not in sight.

I took the long way to Aunt Belles house making sure I wasn't recognized by any locals who knew Rodger. I looked down at my arm that had been struck by the rod, I had a long bruise forming across my arm and I was in so much pain that I could have passed out, but I knew I had to keep going for Ellie's sake.

"Alex!" a small voice yelled "What happened?"

I looked at Aunt Belle who stood at the door of her house with a Ellie huddled up in her arms.

"honey come inside..." she said in a calm voice, walking over and ushering me inside, not asking questions while Ellie was round.


That night after Ellie had fallen asleep I told her everything Rodger had failed to explain, instead of judging us though she just nodded not one word came out of her mouth until the very end of my story.

"you can stay here as long as you need to" I let a tear roll down my face before pulling out the photo of our family that I had salvaged out of my pocket "is that your mum and dad?"

"yeah and Liam" I Never knew my brother properly, my parents had split when I was just a few months old so I had only had the photo of us when I was brought home from the hospital.

"I know your brother" Aunt Belle mumbled.

"REALLY!? What's he like?"

"well I don't know him personally but he's all over the place, T.V, magazines, even the billboards have his face on them"

"Billboards... why?"

"He was on that a T.V show i think.... whats the one... Xfactor? he became a famous singer in a band... There called one direction, that's what Isabelle tells me anyway"

"I want to meet him!"

"well they do live around here but I don't think you can just walk in on them honey... But they are having a meet and greet in a few days that Isabelle wanted me to take her to" Isabelle was our older cousin and it seemed that she loved my brothers band.

"alright honey calm down I will look it up on the Internet! and you can stay here until its on"

"Thank- you"



Liam looked down at Ellie who was standing on the oposit side of the table and was playing around with the small stickers someone had stuck onto the table cloth.

"who's this lovely girl?" he chuckled reaching out to ticle her rosy red checks.

"that's Ellie, I'm Alex and were your sisters...!"


So guys how was it? was it good enough to continue with or should i give up on it and drop the whole story? This chapter is just a trial to see what you guys think so please comment what you think good or bad, bacause if i dont get any feed back i dont know what you guys want so yeah much appreciated :)


Love Ashlee <3 xx


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