summer love

schools out and 19 yeah old Kate finds her summer love




 I went to go find the local store to get some food for the new house. o the was i triped over my own 2 feet like always.  a guy around my age was walking by at the time and saw me fall. he helped me and said hi. i know i have heard that thick irish acent b4 but i carnt remember where i must have hit mt head when i fell. he gave me his number and keeped walking.


I just got back from the shop and looked at the number on the piece of paper in my pocket it only had a number on it. i showed danielle and she told me to ring it and see who it was. so i grabed my phone and tyoed in the number. a guy with a thick irish acent answered. i knew who it was straight away.  my friends and i were massive directioners. the guy on the phone was NIALL HORAN. we continued to talk for about 5 min. i soon hung up.


i was so excited when i hung up the phone. danielle rushed over and qasked y i was so excited. GUESS WHO I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH. danielle sounded excited and said who who who who who who!!!!. i shouted NIALL HORAN!!!!!!!!! we both jumped with joy for about 5 min and then i told dani that. HE ASKED ME OUT . and our date was tonight.


A\N what will happen when kate goes on a date with niall. what will she think of him?????


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