summer love

schools out and 19 yeah old Kate finds her summer love


4. DATE!!!!!

it was finally time for  me to go on my date with niall. i have waited so long to even meet this amazing person. 

niall pulled up in fount of my house and we headed to Nandos. we walked inside hand in hand and sat down and looked  at the menu, we both ordered the peri peri chicken, well niall ordered  2 servings, i just giggled at him. 


after the date we went back to his house he wanted me to  meet the boys. 



hey so do u want to meet the boys i asked kate

kate replied with, R U SERIOUS omg yes . she was a  bit fangirly but i diddnt mind. i opened the door for her and she hopped in the car. it took about 10 min to get to  the boys house. 


kates p.o.v


omg was i really going to meet one direction was this really happening did i just go on a date with niall james horan. ok so we arrived at the boys house i was so excited i was going  to meet the rest of the band.

niall and i walked inside the house hand in hand all the boys were sitting on the couch watching tv. as soon as we walked in 4 pairs of eyes we staring at us. louis broke the silence by screaming at the top of his lungs NIALLS GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!! we both blushed and our faces went bright red. we  walked over and niall sat down and i sat  on his lap niall introduced me 2 the boys and we all huged and said helllo


A\N heyyy thanx for reading myy story  I HOPE U GUYS LIKE IT. i wont beable the update till friday. cause i am going to my nans for a week and she doesnt  have wifi ofany internet. againthanx for reading BBBAAAAAIIII


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