Big Bro

Liam Payne has been protective over his little sister all his life. He doesn't even allow her to turn on the hot water for a shower. He was becoming worse and worse everyday, well that's according to Abby. So what will happen when Liam leaves home for 5 months to tour? We'll just have to find out.


1. Bye Bye...

I need to hear her voice.
"Yes Dear?"
Her voice cracks, I know exactly why.
"Don't worry. He'll be back in 5 months!"
I try to assure her as her eyes resemble rain. She frowns as she clasps the remains of her tissue in her hand.
"I know! But he's still my baby! I still remember when we brought baby Liam home, now he's travelling round the world with 4 other boys which I've only met twice!"
I giggle as her eyes focus on thin air. Why wasn't I upset? Oh, well Liam is a protective superhero geek who doesn't even let me talk to a male specimen. So, this summer, I thought I would be talking a lot. Not just to my girlfriends, but some other people too...
"Mum! Seriously, I can't believe that your that upset. Well, I understand but he has like 3 buff bodyguards around him EVERYDAY! Sure I'm a little bit upset but he needs to do this, have a little break..."
I shrug my shoulders up as Mum focuses on me with a sly smirk.
"Mila. He isn't going on a break. He's going on a world tour for crying out loud! He's having a concert nearly every night"
We continue to bicker until we realise it had been over 20 minutes since Liam left.
As we walk inside, I grab my phone from the front desk and text Alex. She will go ballistic! She's been dying for us to to go out by our SELFS since Grade 7.
'Al, it's happened!'
I text her with a smile rising on my face. Mum doesn't know what I have planned but she won't mind, Liam is WAY more protective over me than she will ever be.
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