Big Bro

Liam Payne has been protective over his little sister all his life. He doesn't even allow her to turn on the hot water for a shower. He was becoming worse and worse everyday, well that's according to Abby. So what will happen when Liam leaves home for 5 months to tour? We'll just have to find out.


2. Besties

3 hours since I texted Alex. Woah, this is weird. She always texted back in a matter of minutes. It wasn't her birthday, not Christmas and definitely not our Best Friend Anniversary. Uhm, should I call her? I have been checking my phone constantly... Yep. I'm going to call her. I dial her number into my phone and wait for the ring to start.
Okay, well. Her phone is engaged. It's not like she has a boyfriend, right? She is only 17, one year older than me. She probably has a boyfriend. Why don't I have a boyfriend? Ok, not the point. I'll go to her house. That's what I'll do.
I shout from downstairs.
"Mila, don't yell! Come back up!"
She hates it when Liam and I yell to each other from the stairway, don't ask me why. I make my way upstairs after I let out a small groan.
"So, I was thinking.."
"Honey, sometimes thinking hurts."
I giggle with being confused.
"Could I go to Al's house now?"
She doesn't even think about it.
"WHAAT?! But Mum!"
I sit next to her on our brown leather couch.
"Mil, your brother just left and you expect me to stay home by my self like this?"
Oh. Almost forgot that Dad left.
"You could come? You could go chat to your bestie?"
Alex's mum and my mum have been friends since highschool, so that's how Alex and I are friends.
"Oh, I guess so. We could walk, it's only 15 minutes."
I groan again.
"But only 5 minutes by car!"
She laughs and nods.
"Actually, good idea."
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