It Started With My Past

Jess Is-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-fun loving girl, nothing can bother her, literally nothing!

She meets new friends, but in a strange way and They try to help her but Fate wants to take It's Own Course.

Will she fall in love, will there be heart break, will there be DRAMA,-Possibly.
Will there be humour- OF COURSE


4. What Happened to Me? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!?!?

I could feel my eyes tear up. No, it cannot be. Niall left me not saying goodbye, he just left me on the street, he wouldn't come back to a ,once was, homeless girl, would he?

"N-Niall is t-that really y-you?" I struggled to get out through my tears.  All he did was nod slightly, as if he was ashamed.  "Niall what happened to you?"

"WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? I couldn't take it anymore always getting other people to help us, to take pity on us. Struggle to find a shelter, to starve for days then have a slice of bread that felt like a meal. What happened to me was that I left. I left so you could have both slices of bread, so you could have the full umbrella, so maybe the orphanage would take you back. I left for you. What happened to you?"

"ME? oh well I've lived a good life, you left and I got adopted by a rich family who had pet unicorns, I ate cotton candy every day and had the best time of my life!!!!! YOU WERE MY EVERYTHING! WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED NIALL? You were the one who got me the food, I nearly starved, You were the one who had the adorableness an charm for the people to help, you were the one who got us everything and I was just a tag-along. When you left. I starved, I got beat nearly to death by a few gangs for,"being in their alley" or what ever. YOU put me through 8 YEARS OF TORTURE BECAUSE YOU LEFT! I needed you Niall. But you didn't come back. I thought you cared but obviously not enough to make sure his sister doesn't starve. You just though of yourself. I can NEVER forgive you Niall.You turned me into this! I had to go et checked in a mental hospital, because I was going INSANE waiting for you, cryng over you, actually having hope. I have refused to call you my brother for the past 6 years. I still beleived for the first 2 that you would come back, but who was I kidding. You didn't care." i can't believe I just did that, that was 8 YEARS of anger flushed out of my body.

"Lou Lou, Clara, I think it's time we leave, I don't want to be around "him" another second."

I walked out, proud and confident because I stood up for myself. "uhh you 2 go home, I gotta take care of soemthing."

"kk"they replied in unision


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