It Started With My Past

Jess Is-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-fun loving girl, nothing can bother her, literally nothing!

She meets new friends, but in a strange way and They try to help her but Fate wants to take It's Own Course.

Will she fall in love, will there be heart break, will there be DRAMA,-Possibly.
Will there be humour- OF COURSE


3. Rescue Party of 2

"ok, bye."I stated as I walked back into my room and sat on the chair waiting for my rescue.

Only a matter of minutes later, lindsay and Clara come and get in through the window.

the boys come in to disscuss their "plans" and notice Clara and Lindsay lou lou jump in. In one quick move, all 3 of us are tied to our own chair with metal wire instead of rope. I looked at Clara and we nodded in unisen. we started chewwing the wire. IT TASTED LIKE APPLES. YAY! I couldn't break the wire but I looked to Clara who was having trouble too. I asked her if it tasted like apples and she agreed, granny smith apple to be exact hehehe. "SAMEZIES!"we yelled and high fived both hands.

"If you can High fave, then why don't you, I don't know, maybe UNTIE US????" Lindsay shreiked, she was always a goody 2 shoes and didn't like fun, but I love her so we are friends.

I untie Lindsay and help Clara with hers and we walk out to the boys again.

"Is there anything you can't get out of Jessica?" One of them asked.

"No there isn't, and how do you know my name, DID I BECOME FAMOUS OVER NIGHT??? YAY"

"No, but we did." I heard a strong Irish Accent, that sounded a bit guilty of something, come from the corner of the couch they were on.

My eyes widened.......


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