It Started With My Past

Jess Is-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-fun loving girl, nothing can bother her, literally nothing!

She meets new friends, but in a strange way and They try to help her but Fate wants to take It's Own Course.

Will she fall in love, will there be heart break, will there be DRAMA,-Possibly.
Will there be humour- OF COURSE


8. Prank War Part 1

Harry doesn't know my secret. I always win these.

"Ok boys, I have challenged Harry to a prank war. He gets a team of 4, I get a team of 2. My partner will only help set up and will not get pranked. UNDERSTOOD? ok, Harry can chose his 3 first."

"Ok, I chose Niall, Liam, Zayn." he says as if he's proud of his choice, as if he could win this.

"That means Louis, you're with me. START!

Louis and I run into his room to plan, Harry and his team go down stairs to plan.

"Louis, I have the Ideas but I need you to help with them, and I have one big finale but you can't help with it, ok?"

"Sonds good with me, so what are the plans?"


Harry's P.O.V.

I remember Niall saying she hates pranks so I'll ask him first.

"Niall what does Jess hate?"

"Slime, expesially green, we had to eat it once and i'm sure it brings back memories. Umm, she loves her hair, don't mess with her hair, and if you dare touch her, or disorient her face, she will freak."

"Perfect. I got it. we will make green slime fall on her head when she walks on. Zayn you got change her shampoo with GREEN hair dye and when she is sleeping we wll draw a moustach on her face but nobody tell her, ok?"

"Got it!"

**10 mnutes later**

"OK WERE READY!" I'm so excited. 

"Took you long enough- OMG GREEN SLIME!"

"Are you scared of a little slime Jess?" I had a smirk on my face.

"OF COURSE NOT, I'VE ALWAYS WANTED GREEN SLIME, I WAS GOING TO ASK FOR IT FOR CHRISTMAS! THANK YOU!" she came over and gave me a big hug and mannaged t get some on my shirt. I bet she meant to do that.

"I need a container for this, I dont want to waste it. A CUP I'll use a cup!"

"No, not a cup. Those are our good cups!" Liam complained. I can't belive she was ok with that.

 "I got my slime here. DON'T TOUCH IT OR I WILL HURT YOU! I have to go take a shower.

she came out about 5 minutes later. I could tell she was out because we all heard her scream bloody murder!

"Are you ok Jess, Come out so we can see if your all right."I snickered I FINALLY PRANKED HER.

"Just a minute I gotta fix my hair."


She came out with a big....SMILE?

"THANK YOU, I've always wanted to colour my hair but I couldn't afford it. EEEK! and my FAVOURITE colour. Besides rhino of course. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

I don't understand. How does this not bother her?

"I love it, but im tired so I'm going to bed with cuppy and Mr.Slime, good night."

"Good night!"

I got up early in the morning and took marker, washable, and drew a mustache on her top lip. I rememebr what they do with shaving cream and tickleing the "victum" on the nose. Bu't I'll use shaving cream. MWAHAHAHAHA

I got the shaving cream and sprayed it in her hand. I want to tickle her nose when she SLAPPED ME. Must be reflexes.


I stared at her dumbfounded. I can't believe she didn't know what I was doing.

"I..Uh.. sorry, just go down stairs, there is breakfast ready for you on the table. I'll go finish saving."

"Ok, thanks hazza, but next time finish shaving."

"ok, I'll reember next time Jess."

WHAT THE HELL Some times I don't understand her.

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