It Started With My Past

Jess Is-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-fun loving girl, nothing can bother her, literally nothing!

She meets new friends, but in a strange way and They try to help her but Fate wants to take It's Own Course.

Will she fall in love, will there be heart break, will there be DRAMA,-Possibly.
Will there be humour- OF COURSE


1. Characters

Jess- Female, BFFs with Lindsay, and Clara, Over hyper, a little mental, can  trun any situation upside down, main character, caring, etc.
Lindsay- Feamale, responsible,"party pooper", normal one, bffs with Clara and Jess
Clara- Female, BFFs with Jess and Lidsay, almost Mental but has some sense in her still and is more normal then Jess.

The boys- you should already know

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