Fading Memories

(Larry fanfic) Louis misses Harry. He thinks Harry has changed. He thinks all their memories are fading. When Harry lies to Louis on a important day and goes off with a girl, will Louis give up on regaining their friendship? Will Harry pick the girl over Harry? Will Louis reveal his secret? Read to find out.


2. It's All Changing

Louis's P.O.V

Dec. 24, 2012

   I turn to the side of the bed to check my phone. No sign of Harry. He lied to me. He told me he was going to a doctors appointment so he could hang out with Taylor and didn't have to come over. On all days, why my birthday? I wish my birthday could be like when I turned 19. Those days, well they were really special, but now everythings changing.

*Flash Back*

  Dec. 24, 2010

Louis' P.O.V

I wake up and the cold instantly hits me. I then remember today I am 19. " HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOULOU!!" Harry screams barging into my room. "HARRY!! THANKS!!" I say jumping up. "YOU'RE 19!!!" Harry says jumping up and down like a little kid getting Cotton Candy. "Hahah Yes I am!" I say back to Harry standing up and grabbing some sweats. "So LouLou what do you want to do today?" Harry says coming up to me from behind and hugging me. "Erm. I don't know. Spend time with the best bubs in the world!!" I say hugging Harry back. We're really close. "Yayy!! I'm gonna wake up the rest!!" Harry said running out the door. I laugh. I walk out of the room and get tackled by four huge guys. "UH!! YOU GUYS ARE SQUISHING ME!!" I scream. "YOU CAN GET OUT UNTIL YOU KISS ME!!" Harry said. I laugh. "FINE!!" I say the boys get up and Harry comes infront of me. I go into a kiss then turn around and dash towards the kitchen. "LOULOU!! THAT'S NOT FAIR!!" I hear Harry scream as I run. I hide under the table so he won't find me. "Loulou I know you're in here." Harry says. I quietly laugh. "BOO!!" Harry says ducking his head under the table. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!! NIALLER!! NIALLER!! HELP!!" I scream. "LOULOU I'M HERE!!" Niall yells running into the kitchen. Harry leaves and I decide to come out from under the table. I walk over to Harry who has a pouty face. I kiss him on the cheek and he immediately blushes. "Thanks" Harry said with sass. Me and the guys go outside and have a nerf gun fight. I love them. We all lay in the grass and look up into the clouds, me laying on Harrys lap and the rest, resting a side. "Happy birthday loulou" Harry says. "Thanks Harry" I say. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOU!!" They all scream at once. "Hahaha Thanks!!" I say.

*Present Day*

  A tear slips from my eye. I remember those days. Me and Harry were really close. Now it seems like he wants to be away from me. More tears slip from my eyes and I then realize that I'm crying, balling. I miss Harry... To say it I miss Larry. I never hated it, that was always Harry. To be honest, I loved it. We were so close. Hate has come in and Harrys grown up. Yeah, I'm older but he's growing up faster than I am, and while he's growing up he's letting our memories fade.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope you guys like!! I know this is a really short chapter but the next chapters won't be short!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me feedback!! Favorite the book!! Like it!! Please!! :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

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