Fading Memories

(Larry fanfic) Louis misses Harry. He thinks Harry has changed. He thinks all their memories are fading. When Harry lies to Louis on a important day and goes off with a girl, will Louis give up on regaining their friendship? Will Harry pick the girl over Harry? Will Louis reveal his secret? Read to find out.


1. Alone On A Birthday

Louis' P.O.V 

Dec. 24, 2012

     "Ahh 21!! Can't believe I'm 21!! It's crazy!!" I say to myself. I hear the doorknob slightly turn as I lay in bed on my phone reading tweets. The door opens and everyone shouts "Happy Birthday Louis!!" I look up and see my mum, sisters and El. I laugh  "Hahaha Thanks!!" I say standing up and grabbing a pair of red pants. I hop them on and head down the stairs. I look into the dining room and see El and Lottie talking. I stand there and admire their bond they have together. "Uh, Lottie I think someones eavesdropping" El says very loudly knowing that I was the one eavesdropping. "Ah!! Caught you!!" El says jumping around the corner in front of me. I laugh at her as does Lottie. El pulls me into a kiss, then pulls away. "Happy Birthday babe" El says. I smile at her. "Thanks" I said walking to the kitchen. I walk into the kitchen see my mum cooking. I walk over to her to see what she's exactly making. "Mmmm that smells delicious!!" I say breathing in the delightful smell of eggs, bacon, and coffee being made. "Oh, Hey Lou!" My mum says as I kiss her on the cheek. "Morning" I say to her. "Morning!! I can't believe you're 21!! It's crazy!! I remember when you were only wearing diapers!! Now look at you. Handsome, grown up, and a hard working successful man" My mum says close to tears. "Mum don't cry!! I'm still your little boy!!" I say hugging her. "I know. You're just growing up too fast!!" She says. "Well I'll try and stop myself from growing up." I said. She laughs "That'd be nice!!" She says flipping the eggs. " Gonna have a shower real fast!" I tell her. "Okay!!" She replies. "I'll be out in a bit" I say walking to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and started undressing. I walked into the steamy shower and rested my head in the hot thick water. I closed my eyes remembering the day before yesterday. Me and the guys celebrated my birthday. My cake was just amazing! Then there was Harry. I love Harry he's an amazing friend. I miss him. I mean like, he's changed. He seems, *Knock Kncok* I open my eyes when I hear knocking at the door. "Yes?!" I call out. "Hey babe, can I come in real quick?" El said sounding upset. "Sure" I said worrying. I hear the bathroom door open and hear her sit on the toilet. "I'm sorry Lou" I hear El say. "Sorry about what? What's up?" I said sounding worried. "I have to go back to the US" She says sounding heartbroken. "What?!!? When?!!? Why?!!?" I say back. "Tonight, because I have this photoshoot and I NEED to be there. I'm sorry I have to leave today, on your birthday." She says. "It's okay babe we can celebrate my birthday when you come back" I say cheerfully. "Okay. I'm really really sorry though" El says. "El, Babe it's fine. Plus I won't be alone Harry's coming over, I'll be fine." I say remembering Harry was coming over. "Oh okay, well I'm gonna go pack" El says. "Okey Dokey see you when I get out" I say back. I hear El leave and start washing off. I slide some plain blue skinny jeans on and a blue shirt. I slick my hair into a quiff and slightly add gel. I look in the mirror one last time and walk out of the bathroom. I go to mine and el's room and find her sitting on the bed packed and ready to go. "Hey Lou!! I was just about to tell you I needed to go!!" El says putting her phone in her pocket and standing up. She grabs her suitcase and walks over to me. "It's time for me to go Lou" She says sounding upset. "El it's fine. Harry's coming over, it'll be fine" I say walking her to the door. "I just feel bad" She says looking up into my eyes. "Babe, it's fine!!" I say pushing a piece of her hair behind her ear. I lean in and kiss her on her lips, than pull away. "Now, go and have fun!!" I say letting her go and open the door for her. "I love you Lou" El says kissing me one more time. "I love you too" I say hugging her. I watched as her cab drove off waving bye as she slowly disappeared. When she was gone I closed the door and started off to the kitchen. I walk into the kitchen and theres no sign of  my mum and my sister, than I remembered they had a doctors appointment and won't be back until tomorrow. I see a plate of food resting on the counter with a note by it. I walk over to it and pick the note up. "Hey Lou you already know that we have a doctors appointment and won't be back until tomorrow, but heres some food I made you. Sorry we had to leave on your birthday, but this is the only time the doctor can do it. I love you and hope you and Harry have a great day! El already told me what happened!! Love, Mum xxx" I smiled at the letter and decided I wasn't hungry. I decided that I should text Harry. "Hey Harry!! You're still coming over right!?" I text Harry. I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV, *Beep* I check my phone and theres a text from Harry "Hey Lou!! Happy Birthday!! Uh I'm sorry but I uh I can't come over I have a doctors appointment to go to!! Sorry pal!!" I read the text and can't believe my eyes. "Oh it's okay!! Thanks!! Talk to you later." I'm a bit sad that he can't come over, but he has a doctors appointment.
3 Hours Later
I sit and stair at the TV having a complete blast... Not. I'm alone and it sucks!! I decided to get on Twitter. I start scrolling down tweets and see a lot of crap about Haylor.. Haylor? I stop at one that says "HARRY HAS BEEN WITH TAYLOR ALL DAY!?!?" with a picture linked to it. I opened the picture and it shows Harry with Taylor holding hands this morning. He lied to me. A tear slides down my cheek and I slam my laptop shut. I stand up and storm to my bedroom. I sit on the bed and cry. I know, I'm 21 and crying over this. I can't believe he lied. He missed my birthday just because of her. He lied. 

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