That's what makes you beautiful

Jesy, Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne, aka Little Mix, are ecstatic to be going on tour with THE One Direction. What will happen when two girls fall for the same guy?


2. Even better news..

Jesy's P.O.V
We ran upstairs to see what was wrong. "Jade, are you okay?" Leigh-Anne asked worried. "I THINK I'M DREAMING. SOMEBODY PINCH ME" "Jade. calm down!" "How can I calm down when we are going on tour with ONE DIRECTION!" I sit down on the chair near her bed. "What's wrong" Jade asks, I sigh, "Why do we have to go on tour with them? Even 'The Wanted' would be better than them.." I hear a gasp. "Seriously Jesy lighten up. At least we are actually going on tour with someone, and your not even happy about that?" Perrie says. They all walk out and leave me in Jade's room.

Leigh-Anne's P.O.V
'Brrrrrriiiing brrrriiiing' The phone rings, Perrie picks it up off the wall. "Hello?" Perrie runs her hand through her messy blonde hair like she usually does when shes nervous. "Okay.." she says smiling "Bye Josh". I look at her wondering "Everything okay?" I knew it was Josh that called, our manager, obviously.. "Well" she says "We are meeting them in about an hour.." she says really excited. "OH MY GOSH!" I scream looking down at my pyjama's , "I better go get ready!"

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