Hey im Anna! I live in Ireland. i have the best friend in the whole world his name is Niall Horan.Hes on the X-Factor right now hes doing so good! but i miss him. He promised he would come back! I hope he keeps his promises.....


4. What happened

Anna's pov:There was a knock on my door and i knew who it was.Right then my stomach felt like it was tied in knots.There he was staring at me.Tears running down his face.I guess he did remember me. And i guess he did care.i was happy that he was back and that he remembered me.I was also mad that he never tried to contact me after a couple weeks.He left me through everything. These past few years have been the worst years of my life. And i had to go through them alone.What are you doing here? Get out! I screamed at Niall. He just stood there and stared at me still crying.He finally came over and hugged me.After about 15 minutes he let go and started talking.Wha-what happened? Niall asked. I said you don't wanna know.yes i do i wanna know everything.he replied.Ok well about a month after you left my dad died in a car accident,then i got raped,then I witnessed a murder.Do you remember Emily? Yeah. he replied.Thats who i saw get killed.Oh Anna im so sorry i know how much she meant to you.Yeah,well,whatever,im over it.What else happened?he asked.Well then i got cancer.And now im here in this hospital bed been here for 2 years.He hugged me again and he would never leave me again.I didnt really believe him. I wanted to. But i couldnt.Something was holding me back from forgiving him.The good thing is I get to go home in 2 weeks,I said.Thats great!Do you wanna move in with me and my mates?Niall asked.Yeah,i would love to Nialler!Great but um we kinda travel the world in a month we're starting another tour.Oh,well have fun Nialler.I replied.But you can come with us if you want to.Niall said.Really,Nialler,thank you so much!Your welcome! I gotta go but i'll come back tomorrow!Ok bye Nialler!

Niall's pov: I finally got her back! And shes going on tour with us! I cant wait! I love her so much! Im so glad she forgave me!I just hope i don't screw this up again...

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