Hey im Anna! I live in Ireland. i have the best friend in the whole world his name is Niall Horan.Hes on the X-Factor right now hes doing so good! but i miss him. He promised he would come back! I hope he keeps his promises.....


2. Staying in touch

Anna's pov: We kept in touch for a couple weeks then he slowly quit txting and calling and skyping.I was so depressed i lost my best friend. my only friend. And he was gone i even started cutting again.But i finally realized that that was not solving my problems so i quit. Its been three years since i've spoken to him and a lot of things have changed. My dad died. I witnessed a murder. I got raped. and finally i have cancer. I havent been to my house in two years ive been stuck here in this hospital bed.No visitors.Except my mom,the nurse Mia,and another little girl here that has cancer,Joy.She loves one direction and she makes me listen to them all the time she knows about Niall i told her everything. And guess what? There coming to visit patients tomorrow. I get to see Niall again. I'm just glad my hair has grown back. I wonder if he'll remember me?

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