Hey im Anna! I live in Ireland. i have the best friend in the whole world his name is Niall Horan.Hes on the X-Factor right now hes doing so good! but i miss him. He promised he would come back! I hope he keeps his promises.....


3. A new start

Anna's pov: Todays the day. The day i get to see Niall again.Im getting really nervous. I wonder what he'll think? I wonder if he still cares about me? Well i guess I'll find out.Just then Joy came running in my room screaming "I MEETING MY FUTURE HUSBAND TODAY!" I started laughing and she got quiet and really serious.Whats so funny? she asked. You don't think Zayn will fall in love with me? I laughed even harder until I saw a tear come down her face.Of course he will how could he not? I said trying to cheer her up. She giggled and said thanks anna im goona go back to my room and wait for them. ok bye,I answered.

                                                          (2 hours later)

Niall's pov: we are back in my hometown this week visiting all the cancer patients. I really like making there day and coming to talk to them.I feel so sorry for them. I've been missing Anna lately.I miss her smile,her laugh, her accent,her hugs, everything about her really.I wish i would've kept in touch with her.To tell you the truth i've been in love with her eversince the 5th grade.But i never told her because i was scared of what she might say.I think I'm gonna stop by her house tonight and see if shes home. I hope she is. "Mate,come on,we gotta go see the next patient, Liam said.So i knocked on the door and there she was. Anna. In a hospital bed.

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