Hey im Anna! I live in Ireland. i have the best friend in the whole world his name is Niall Horan.Hes on the X-Factor right now hes doing so good! but i miss him. He promised he would come back! I hope he keeps his promises.....


1. The day he left

Anna's pov: I promise i'll be back before you know it! Niall said as i dropped him off at the airport.He was on his way to audition for the x-factor.I knew he would get in. he was such a good singer! I also knew i would miss him so much. Maybe enough to cut again. Yeah i use to cut. But Niall made me quit and im glad he did. But something in the back of my mind told me he was'nt coming back anytime soon but i pushed that  out of my mind and went to hug him before he had to board the plane. The last thing he said was "I'll be back for you." Then he walked away. Out of my life for a very very long time.

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