Tied up in love (Harry Styles love story)

Tiffany and Amber were best friends from year 2 all the way through high school, they are inseparable until amber, being a year older finished high school and scored a scholarship into a university in London so goodbye Australia hello England. After losing contact with in her in the last year of school, due to stress and exams, school ends and Tiffany is eager to reunite with her bff. She gets back in contact with Amber and Tiffany agrees to spend her gap year in London with her best friend but amber still has to introduce Tiffany to 5 new best friends she has made there.
Tiffany beings to have feelings for both Harry and Niall.

This is an exciting book
(Contains swear and sexual scenes)


1. Just Like Old Times

"Tifffffannnyyy," I heard Amber whine.

"Yes Amber?" I sighed.

It was hard to make out what she was saying over the loud speakers and all people at the airport. I had been here for just over 4 hours, pain full I know. My plane had been delayed...... typical. Just the happy start to my gap year I wanted. I closely studied the people around me; I actually found it quite amusing to watch the business men make their last minute dash to the plane, the looks on their faces was priceless. I chuckled to myself before focusing my mind back to Amber.

"Hurry up and come over already!" She yelled playfully.

"Amber," I started "If I had all the power in the world to come right this minute I would but the fact is... It's not my fault; it's the stupid airlines I'm really sorry it's boarding soon ok?" I reassured.

"Argh I know it's not your fault, ok I’ll let you go, bye Tiff I love you."

"Love you too bestie." I hung up and slumped back in the seat.

I rubbed my eyes; they were still red from crying. I hated saying goodbye, my whole family had broken down into a sobbing mess. My dad, my mum, even my 16 year old brother. It had only been 7 hours but I already missed them so much. The women  next to me nudged me.

"Hey are you taking the flight 406 to London?" She asked.

"Yes I am?"

"Well it's just started boarding if we go now we can get a good seat." She stated.

"Ok thank you so much!" I said

"No problem just looking out for the younger generation." She laughed.

"Haha thank you again."

And with she left me to gather my things. I made a quick run to the toilet before the plane called, I hated plane toilets. The cool water from the sink tap was refreshing. I quickly dried my hands and looked at myself in the mirror. Erh, I wasn't ugly but I wasn't a model, I was short 5'2, long curly/wavy darkish brown hair, I was skinny I always took pride in being healthy I go for morning jogs and eat well I like to keep my body in good condition, my skin was pretty naturally tan (thank god my dad’s part Lebanese) and I had greeny-browny eyes, depending on the light. I quickly fixed my top shorts up (it's hot in Australia) and left to board the plane.

The woman was right, I was one of the first to go on the plane and I pretty much had first pick of all the seats. I chose one next to the window, it had always fascinated me how planes worked but I always ended up over thinking it and assuming that it would crash or something would go wrong, my mental mind. I quickly turned on my phone before the plane started and shot Amber a text.

'On the plane now, not long to go xox' ~Tiffy

I relaxed in my seat and closed my eyes when I felt the familiar vibrate almost straight away.

'Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can't wait, will pick you up at the airport xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo' ~Bambi

I looked up to notice that the plane was pretty much full, there were only a couple of seats left including the one next to me. Suddenly the captain’s voice filled the room.

"Hello this is you captain speaking, you are currently flying the 406 Australia to London stopping in Hong Kong, the flight will take approximately 23 hours." "A video about plane safety is about to be played please remember that all seatbelts..." I zoned out at that and closed my eyes, this day had been tiring and stressful and all I wanted at the moment was sleep and that defiantly came with no troubles.

* * *

"Good morning passengers, we have currently just landed in Hong Kong, feel free to look around and enjoy the sights and cultures of this wonderful city but please be ready with tickets to re-board at 5:30 in 6 hours.

I was really looking forward to seeing Hong Kong. I had never been to an Asian country before and I was keen to see what it was like. From the T.V travel show mum and I used to watch at home it seemed amazing…ah home I wonder what mum is doing this very second? Damn snap out of it Tiffany this is meant to be a fun gap year away from family and school. My stomach rumbled and I realised that I hadn’t eaten all day, I eagerly made my way out of the airport and into the heart of the city. I was planning to get something to eat and then get Amber a souvenir; after all she was giving me a home for the next year. Luckily she had a spare room.

I found a really cute dumpling place full of delicious food and nice people, luckily the girl at the counter spoke English (thank god). I could have eaten a dozen of the dumplings they were that good but there was going to be plenty of restaurants and cafes in London and I had to keep myself looking good, I was a single Pringle. I paid them with my card and walked out the door. I was halfway down a main street when I came across an awesome market.

 I bet I’ll find something for Amber in here I thought. It was really crowded and full of cute quirky stuff.  I walked around for hours and managed to find the perfect gift for Amber. I got her a giant plush Chinese toy and some really nice jewellery. The toy was just something funny but I loved the jewellery. I checked my watch 4:45, wow time sure fly’s in Hong Kong. I made my way back to the airport after asking for directions more than couple times (I’m hopeless).  I got back just in time, checked in my ticket and collapsed on the plane seat and let the gentle hum of the engine take me to sleep.

I woke up a couple of times on the way, mostly out of excitement. I hadn't seen amber since year 11 so 2 years ago, I know it doesn't sound like a long time but she was my best friend from primary school to year 11 but because she's a year older than me she left a year earlier I did have other great friends in high school like Georgia and Olivia but Amber's like a sister to me. She's the prettiest thing ever she's 5'1 (shorter than me…yes!) she's got shoulder length wavy dirty blonde hair, fair skin, skinny and the biggest bluest eyes ever! I'm so jealous of her but only in a friendly way, I love her to bits.

I was feeling quite tense so I ordered a wine, I was eighteen now anyway and it calmed me right down and I nestled into my recliner and watched a movie.
Amber's P.O.V
OMG I'm so excited for Tiffany coming down I love her so much and really missed her especially when I first came down here, I felt so lost and London’s full on so without Tiffany it was like I had lost part of my soul. Anyway I soon found some great guy friends to help ease the pain. They are my neighbours, one direction. I'm on the last floor of the building where there is only 5 apartments, mine, theirs (which is 2 of them) and randoms. They are the friendliest, funniest and nicest people ever we all get along and I'm really good friends with Louis Zayn and Liam's girlfriends. I just really hope Tiffany gets along with them. I bet she will.

I picked up my keys and locked the door, time to pick her up. I squealed and decided I was too hyper to take the elevator so I took the stairs.

That idea sounded so much better in my head, considering this is a 47 floor building. I pretty much died, by the time I reached the foyer I was crawling out the door when I bumped into Louis.

“Hey babe how you doing?” he asked

“Fine….just…fine.” I said in-between breaths.

“Woah you sound like you have just run a marathon, what’s up?”

“The stairs.” I moaned

“oh ahaha where are you going anyway?”

“To pick up Tiffany from the airport, you know the one I was tellin..” Louis cut me off

“BUT AMBER!” He squealed in a country girl accent “I THOUGHT I WAS YOU ONE AND ONLY!” I bursterd out into fits of laughter which didn’t help my almost died lungs. 

“Yes yes I know I know, I’m hilarious.” His tone turned. “But seriously,” he said gripping each of my shoulders “Bring.Her.Over!” Me and the boys….”

“The boys and I.” I corrected after calming down.

“Argh whatever, we really want to see herrrrrrrrr.” He pleaded “she sounds fricken awesome.”

“Language!” I said in a motherly tone.

“Ok ok ok, I’ll bring her over tonight but only if she doesn’t have jet lag if she does I’ll text you and you will meet her tomorrow.”

“Ok yes!” he yelled “Bye Bambi,” He gave me a kiss on the cheek and skipped to the elevator like a girl. He was the funniest.

I jumped in the car and headed for the airport, shaking with excitement.


Tiffany’s P.O.V

I jumped down the stairs of the plane and flew to the gates. Standing there I saw Amber with a sign saying ‘Weirdo’ I laughed and jumped into her arms, tears dripping onto her neck.

“I missed you so much!” I cried

“Me too!”

“You look great Amber!” “As always,” I spoke up

“Aww talk about yourself! She said “You will be going out with a different guy every week!”

 We had been hugging standing there for about 10 minutes.

“Come on lets go home, I’m sure you tired.” With that remark a let out a massive yawn. She chuckled and helped me with my luggage.

“TIFFANYS COMING HOOOOMMEEEE, TIFFANYS COMING HOOOOMMEEEE, TIFFANYS COMING HOOOOMMEEEE!!!!!!!” That’s all Amber sang on the way back from the airport. Neither of us were good singers but we do enjoy having the radio on full blast and singing (screaming) till we got home.

Amber unlocked the door and let me explore, the place was amazing. It was modern and lush but it was pretty messy. I didn’t care though; I walked over and buried her in a hug.

“Thank you so much.” I repeated

“It’s fine tiffany, seriously.”

“It’s going to be so much fun here…just like old times.” I said

“Just like old times,” she confirmed.



Ok well that’s the first chapter!

In the next one Tiffany meets the boys and gets along really well with them (especially harry) hehehe

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