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hey guys! This is my new fanfiction :) i hope you like it! well the book is about One Direction, Desi and Her awesome friends Catherine, Isabelle, and Hailey! Enjoy .. oh and who likes Haylor ? haha i sure don't .


6. Walking In The City

POV- Desi

When I went back to Harry's room Niall was sitting near his laptop on the desk eating. Ever since I've got here he's been eating. Harry was laying on his bed, while thinking about something. I wonder what he was thinking about. "Oh hello beautiful" Harry told me while sitting up as he noticed me in the doorway. "Hey" I told him while I walked towards him. Niall just looked at me and waved. I waved back as he smiled. Harry was getting a bit mad. He gave me and Niall a questioning, and furious look.

Niall got up saying goodbye as he left to go in the living room with the rest of the boys. It was just me and Harry. I felt my phone vibrate, I was getting a call from Karsyn. I answered the phone. "Desi, where are you? You're not going to believe what just happened" Karsyn said while fangirling. "I'm at Harry's house. What happened?" I asked. "Oh, lucky. Well they started to play What Makes You Beautiful in the bathroom at Walmart." Karsyn told me. "Haha wow okay" I told her while I was laughing. "Can you tell Harry I said hi" Karsyn asked me. "Sure, hold on" I told Karsyn. "Harry, my friend Karsyn said hi" I told Harry while smiling. "Tell her I said hello" Harry told me. But you can already hear Karsyn scream and Fangirl. She hung up crying and screaming in my ear. Harry started to laugh with me.

It was now 11:30pm. Me and Harry were just laying down in his bed talking. I told him about me. Like my birthday, favorite color, things I like in a guy, and etc. He was surprised when I knew basically everything about him. My phone vibrated again, but this time it was a text message from Catherine.
From: The Best friend :)
Hey, when are you getting home? Are you still on your date with Harry? Where are you?
She was getting really worried as usual. It gets really annoying, but I know she just cares about me. I texted her back so she won't freak out.
To: The Best friend :)
Hey, I'm leaving in 10 minutes. It wasn't a date, it was just a friendly get together. And I'm at Harry's house, chill out.

I told Harry I had to go. He looked confused and sad as he thought I was mad at him, or didn't want to hangout anymore. I told him why I had to leave and he understood. We both got up, and got our Stuff. He wrapped his hands around my waist as we went to go say goodbye to the boys. We walked in the living room, they all got up, and hugged me goodbye. Harry still hasn't let go of me yet. When it was Niall's turn to hug me, Harry held his grip tighter. I hugged Niall when Harry started tugging me away a little. I looked at him with a confused look on my face.

"Oh, I forgot my phone charger in your room Harry, I'm gonna go get it" I told Harry walking away to his room. It was just Harry and Niall in the living room now. The rest of the boys went to their separate rooms. My phone charger was in my purse, I just wanted to hear what they would say to each other. I heard Harry telling Niall to back off because I'm his girl now. I was confused. We aren't dating. I heard Niall tell Harry "whatever you guys aren't even dating. And maybe I don't want to." I walked out the hallway and acted like I didn't hear anything. "Let's go love" Harry told me while holding onto my waist to make Niall jealous. I quickly took his hands off and walked to his car. He looked confused and mad.

We got in the Car. It was silent half the whole way. He turned on the radio and started singing to Die Young as moments later I joined in singing. When the song was over he turned the radio off as a One Direction song came on. It was Summer Love. I looked at him with a confused look while I turned the radio back on. I started singing to it. I really did love that song. Then I turned the radio off as Boyfriend by Justin Bieber came on. Harry laughed. Harry pulled up in my driveway. We both got out, as he walked me to Catherine's door. He started leaning in but Catherine opened the door before our noses could touch. She pulled me in, not even letting me say goodbye, and she slammed the door in his face.

"What the hell was that all about?" I asked while screaming at Catherine. "I don't want you kissing him" she told me looking at the ground. I was really mad at her. I don't think she likes him. That's not good at all. "I don't care, you can't just do that" I snapped back walking up the stairs as she followed. "Okay fine, I admit it. I like Harry too, and it kills me to see you two together" Catherine spilled out. "Uhhh really? Well we aren't dating yet so relax" I said. She started to cry. I hugged her, and tried to comfort her.

We both fell asleep. I woke up really early. I brushed my hair, washed my face, and woke up Catherine. She woke up, we both went down the stairs and ate breakfast. It was really boring in the house. I wanted to do something today with Catherine. I didn't really want to hangout with Harry today, I've seen him a lot in the past 3 days. "I was thinking maybe we could go walking around in the city" I told Catherine with a huge grin on my face. "Okay, sure. Can we leave in an hour?" Catherine asked. "Sure" I replied.

After I ate, I went up the stairs, got in the shower, and picked out an outfit which included a pink tank top, White skinny jeans, and some gray toms. I decided to put my hair up into a pony tail. Catherine wore a purple shirt, black skinny jeans, and some black boots. We left the house, and was on our way to the city.

We got out of the car and started walking. We got mobbed by paparazzi. They all asked me about me and Harry's relationship. I once again ignored it and walked away. Catherine and I walked into Hollister. I saw the cutest shirt ever. I was admiring it when all of a sudden I feel someone's hand picking me up and kissing my cheek. I knew it wasn't Catherine. I turned around and looked at Harry. He had a cute beanie on with some of his brown curls sticking out.

"Oh my god Harry, you scared me. What are you doing here" I asked him. "I was walking around to meet some fans and I saw you walking. So I wanted to stop by and say hi" Harry told me with a smirk. He is so sweet, and cheeky. Catherine didn't even know Harry was here. She was too focused on shopping. Harry started tickling me making me laugh really loud. Catherine then knew Harry was here. She came over to us. I pulled Harry's hand away from my waist because I knew Catherine didn't like us together. "Are you guys dating" Catherine asked trying to look happy. "I think so" Harry told Catherine as he hugged me from behind and started kissing my cheek. I was so scared Catherine would be mad. I felt so bad.

"Oh, that's cute" Catherine told Harry. I just smiled. Well I've always wanted to date Harry Styles. But I like him for him. When I'm with him I sometimes even forget he's in One Direction.
"Well I have to go love, I'll see you soon" Harry told me. "Okay bye" I replied back to Harry. He left the store and it was just me and Catherine.

We left, and I bumped into Josh. I fangirled like crazy. "Hello Desi, nice to meet you" josh told me shaking my hand. I guess he knew about me and Harry from the Internet. "Hi josh" I said. "Have you seen Harry ?" He asked me in a worried voice. "Yeah I was just with him" I told him. "Where did he go?" Josh asked. "Into the One Direction store to meet some fans." I told him. "Thank you" josh told me. He was staring at Catherine the whole time. I think he likes her. "Hello, love. What's your name?" Josh asked Catherine. "Catherine Kenney" Catherine replied to Josh with a smile plastered on her face. He gave her his number and went to go find Harry.

We got home. Karsyn came over. Catherine was sick so she went to sleep upstairs in her room. Harry wanted me to come over again. I told him I had a friend over. He said I can just bring her over too, as long as she doesn't scream. We got in the car and drove to Harry's house. We finally got there, I let Karsyn Fangirl in the car before she got inside. I knocked on the door to which Niall opened the door without a shirt on. Karsyn looked away so she wouldn't scream.

We walked in,
and everyone greeted me and Karsyn. I left her with Niall as they talked in the kitchen. The rest of the boys went to Louis' room. I went down the hallway to Harry's room. He was surprised I was here. He was laying down on his bed on his phone. I walked over to him, took my toms off, and laid down next to him. My head laying down on his chest. "Hey Love" Harry whispered in my ear. "Hey Harry" I told him. I snuggled up to him. It was 4:30pm I read on my phone. I went on twitter to see what everyone was talking about. Everyone was talking about me and Harry. "Desi doesn't deserve Harry as her boyfriend. She's ugly, mean, and annoying. I bet she's just using him" this one girl said on twitter. I dropped the phone and started crying. Harry took my phone to see what I was crying about. He read all the hate tweets I was getting. He gave me my phone back. "Don't listen to them. You're beyond beautiful, you're really nice and funny. And I know you're not using me" Harry told me pulling me into his strong arms. I just laid there and cried.

5 minutes later I stopped crying. Karsyn and Niall came into the room. "Awwe look at Desi and Harry cuddling up to each other" Niall teased. Karsyn laughed. Niall took her hand and walked over and sat down on the couch in Harry's room. We all decided to watch a scary movie. I went in Louis' room and told them what we wanted to do. They all nodded in agreement. I sat on Harry's lap, Karsyn and Niall sat together, and the rest of the boys sat next to us.

During the movie I screamed a lot. I was so scared. We were watching Paranormal Activity 4. I was snuggled up with Harry. He had his arms around me cause he knew I was scared. I turned and looked next to me to see Niall wrapping his arms around Karsyn. She was scared too. The movie was over and it was 7:00pm. Louis took pictures of me and Harry snuggled up together sleeping and put it on Twitter. The caption read "awwe they are such a cute couple" and tagged us in it.

I woke up to see Harry staring at me with his beautiful green eyes. We were in his room, Karsyn and Niall were in Niall's room. I noticed the time was 11:00pm. I started to worry about Catherine. I told Harry I had to leave and he nodded and walked me out of his room to Niall's room to get Karsyn. I walked in to see Karsyn cuddled up to Niall. I slowly wake her up as we walk to the front door. Harry kissed me goodbye and I was on my way to go home. Karsyn ended up sleeping over. She slept on the Couch in Catherine's room. I went upstairs and fell asleep too
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