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hey guys! This is my new fanfiction :) i hope you like it! well the book is about One Direction, Desi and Her awesome friends Catherine, Isabelle, and Hailey! Enjoy .. oh and who likes Haylor ? haha i sure don't .


9. Run

POV - Desi

I woke up next to Harry, he had his hands on my forehead as usual. I slowly got up, trying not to wake him, and went to Catherine and Karsyn's room! Karsyn was on the couch watching a tv show, while on her phone on Instagram. Catherine was in bed still sound asleep. I walked over to Karsyn, and I scared her because she didn't see me coming, she didn't even know I was in the room.

"GoodMorning" Karsyn whispered as she got up to hug me. I could tell she didn't want to wake Catherine. She wasn't in her happiest mood lately. "Morning" I hugged her back. I walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was nothing in there. I guess I forgot we were in a hotel. So me and Karsyn decided we should go out for breakfast. She woke Catherine up, and I tried to wake the boys up. Niall, Liam, and Louis were in the same bed so I tried to wake them up by talking. They ignored me, and threw pillows at me. I got a bucket of freezing cold water, and poured it all over them. They all jumped up, screaming, and jumping around. I walked across the hallway to Zayn's room. I walked in, and couldn't find him. He wasn't in his bed. So I walked to the bathroom, I chuckled when I saw him admiring himself in the mirror. I told him our plans and he started to get ready.

I went back to my room to wake Harry up. I walked in, and walked over to our bed. He was so cute when he sleeps, he looks like an angel in heaven. I started to play with his big hands, his eyes starting to move around. His hands started squeezing a bit as his eyes opened fully. "Hello, beautiful" Harry got up to fix his hair as he starred into my brown eyes. "Hey Harry" I got up and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, Karsyn walked in and changed the plans. She said we were leaving in 2 hours instead of 1. She winked at me, while closing the door. It was now 10:45am, and everyone was fully awake, and getting ready! I took the first shower. While Harry was waiting, he took a magazine from a basket in the hotel room as he started to read it. I turned off the water, climbed out of the shower, and wrapped my towel around my body as I walked out of the bathroom to Harry.

"It's your turn to take a shower" I chuckled at Harry, playfully pushing him to the bathroom door. My towel nearly slipped off, but I pulled it back up quickly before it fell to the floor. I saw Harry put the Magazine in his suit case so he could hide it. The minute he got inside of the shower I quickly got dressed, fixed my hair, and opened his suit case to see a magazine on the very top. I took it out and looked at the front page as it read "Taylor and Harry seen together 3 days ago holding hands and kissing" I thought for a moment. That's the day he told me he was really busy. What if he's cheating on me. I looked at the picture of "Haylor" holding hands and kissing in NYC. I grew very mad at Harry. I stormed off to Niall's room to see him playing video games. I walked over to him as he paused his game and looked at me with a confused glare.

"Hey, why aren't you with Harry" Niall asked starring into my eyes. "I'm kinda mad at him right now" I told Niall. "Why, what happened" Niall asked trying to comfort me. "Well he had this magazine, and he tried to hide it from me. But when he got in the shower I took it, and I saw of picture of Him and Taylor holding hands, and kissing. And that they're in a relationship and stuff like that" I said trying not to cry in Niall's arms as he comforted me. We were like Best friends. I could tell him anything! As soon as I said that, I heard Harry's raspy voice call my name several times as he was looking for me. "Hide me now" I screamed at Niall. He quickly pushed me into the closet. I heard someone at the door knocking, Niall opened it to see a worried Harry starting at him.

"Hey Niall, have you seen Desi I've been looking everywhere for her" Harry asked him. "No, I think she went to go for a drive around London" Niall replied back to Harry. "Okay" Harry closed the door. I noticed I left my phone on the bed, I was thinking about getting it. I got out of the closet, and told Niall I was going to get my phone, and that I was coming back. I didn't want Harry to see me, I probably won't have to worry about him seeing me, he went into Louis' room. I ran into the room, went on my side of the bed and grabbed my phone. "There you are babe, I was looking for you everywhere" Harry ran over to me. I just ignored him and started walking towards the door when I felt a pair of hands pull me back. I rolled my eyes trying not to cry, as I walked into the hallway being followed by Harry. I was so mad at him, I needed some time away from him right now. "Now what is it love. Are you mad at me again" he asked raising his eyebrow. "Nope not at all" I said in my sarcastic voice. "Tell me why you're mad" Harry pulled me closer to him, now everyone in the hallway were watching us. A few fans came over to get his autograph but he simply ignored. What an idiot. "Okay, fine. I found that magazine you were hiding from me. And I saw "Haylor" in it holding hands, and kissing on New Years" I screamed at him fighting the tears. He looked at the ground in guilt, then looked at me again. "It was just for publicity" he said in his soft voice. "I don't care, you could've said you had a girlfriend. I can't believe you cheated on me with Taywhore. How dare you" I screamed at him with tears rolling down my face. Soon, all the boys, Catherine and Karsyn were all outside watching with the rest of the crowd. I couldn't take it anymore, I tried to get away, but his grip was too tight around my waist. I was so mad at him I really wanted to break up with him. I mean, I think I should. He cheated on me with Taywhore! "Let go of me now. I never want to talk to you again" I screamed at him as I slipped away grabbing the car keys. I started to make a run for it. I heard footsteps behind me. Niall, Catherine, and Harry were chasing after me. But I was too fast. I got in the car, and drove away far as I could.

I was still very tired. I couldn't really see the road, my eyes were filled with tears so I couldn't see. I started to get a call from Karsyn. I answered quickly not looking at the road. "Hello" I asked Karsyn. "Hai, where are you" Karsyn asked. "I don't know, I just need to get away from Harry" I screamed into the phone. "Babe, come back now" Harry said in a calm raspy voice. I hated him so much right now. "No. I Hate y-" my words cut off as my car crashed into someone's jeep. The call hung up and my phone flew to the back seat. I couldn't see anything, and I couldn't feel anything. I laid there trying to move, but couldn't. I heard someone's voice over me. It was a little girl about a year younger than me. I tried to tell her I was alright but the words wouldn't come out. I couldn't even open my eyes. I was unconscious. I heard my phone constantly going off, it was Harry.

POV - Harry

I called Desi about 20 times now. I hope she is okay. I walked to Niall's room to see him panicking and crying like crazy. "What's wrong mate" I asked him. He didn't talk. He pulled me over to the tv and showed me the news. It was about a car crash. My heart started to pound in my chest. I looked at the name below as it read Desi. Oh my god, my girlfriend just got into an accident. Or at least, I think she's still my girlfriend. I told the rest of the boys, Karsyn and Catherine. Catherine completely lost her mind. Karsyn kept crying. And the boys were tearing up. They tried to stay strong, but in 5 minutes they were crying like Karsyn. We all hopped in the car, and was on our way to see Desi in the hospital.

I got to the front desk, and asked for Desi's room number. The nice lady gave me her number and we all got in the elevator. On the way up Little Things came on. Karsyn didn't even fangirl, she was crying on Niall's favorite polo t shirt. We finally got there, and I was the first one to go in. I walked in, and saw that she was hooked up to all these different machines. I silently cried to myself as I started walking towards the hospital bed. I slowly looked at all of her bruises she had got from the accident. I saw a bruise on her neck, and I tried to kiss it. But Desi pushed me away. She still hated me. She looked at me like she wanted to attack me. "This is all your fault" she screamed at me. Everybody got real quite. I looked at the ground once again and went to the bathroom. I couldn't get those words out of my head. Was it really my fault? It had to be, if I never kissed Taylor this wouldn't have ever happened. As I was walking to the bathroom I ran into Taylor.

"W-What are you doing here" I asked almost screaming at Taylor. "Babe, relax. My grandmother is in the hospital" she told me holding my hand. I quickly pulled away. "Don't call me babe" I snapped at her. "That's what couples do, anyway why are you here" she asked. "We aren't a couple. It was just for publicity. And my girlfriend just got in a car accident because of us" I screamed at her with anger in my eyes. "Aw whatever. I'll drop by later and see her. I bet she's not as pretty as me" she told me winking at me. "She's not. She's way prettier" I walked away towards the bathroom. I got back to Desi's room only to see Taylor sitting next to Niall and Karsyn. Karsyn kept giving her dirty looks, it was actually a little funny! She looked like she wanted to stab her a few times. "Harry, what is Taylor doing here" Desi screamed at me in a form of a question. "I have no clue, but she's leaving now" I said pushing Taylor out of the door. "Babe, I thought you said you loved me" Taylor screamed making it obvious she wanted Desi to hear. Desi just looked at her with hate filled in her eyes. "Oh my god, Taylor, look. Listen to me, it wasn't real. It was just for publicity. I don't like you. Why can't you understand" I slammed the door in her face. "Fine, I'll see you tonight at my house. Wear something hot" she screamed through the door. Louis was surprised. Desi raised her eyebrows fast. "You're going to her house tonight, Harold" Desi asked about to get up and punch me in the face. Niall got up and held her back telling her she had to stay in bed. "No" I said running towards her. "It was just for publicity Desi. I love you and always will. Trust me, you're the only girl I'm falling for. I promise" I kissed her cheek as I started moving down to her neck finding her weak spot. "Whatever, I think we need to take a break. I'm not saying we have to break up. But we need to stop hanging out so much" She told me running her hands through my curls as I laid my head on her stomach. "Okay, that's fine with me" I said. 3 hours later we all left, it was only 5:00pm, and there was nothing to do. It was so boring without Desi hear now.
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