C'mon C'mon

hey guys! This is my new fanfiction :) i hope you like it! well the book is about One Direction, Desi and Her awesome friends Catherine, Isabelle, and Hailey! Enjoy .. oh and who likes Haylor ? haha i sure don't .


13. Roller Skating Night

POV- Desi.

I opened the door slowly. "Oh my god Desi, I miss you so flipping much" Hailey screamed squeezing the life out of me. "Can't breathe" I try to say. "Oh, haha sorry" Hailey lets go of me. "I miss you too, you look amazing. You changed so much" I stared at Hailey. "Thanks, you're drop dead gorgeous" hailey said. I didn't really think I was beautiful at all. "Ha that's a funny joke" I laughed at what hailey had just told me. She looks confused. "Uhh I was serious, you are so pretty, Harry agrees with me. Right Harry" Hailey walked over to Harry then fangirled. He laughed, and nodded. "Well I don't think I'm pretty at all" I sigh. "Babe, don't even. We are not having this argument again. You are beautiful and that's it" Harry said almost whispering in my ear while holding my waist leaving shivers down my body. "Whatever, you guys think what you wanna think. Wanna go see Catherine, and Karsyn Hailey" I asked Hailey. "Yeah" Hailey squealed. We ran out of the door leaving Harry, and went to Karyn's room. I opened it, Catherine, and Karsyn attacked Hailey with a huge bear hug. After we all had a huge bear hug for like 10 minutes. "Um is that a crazed fan or something. Who is that" Louis asked starring at Hailey with his eyebrow raised. Hailey screamed so loud, I bet the everyone heard. "Ow" Louis held his ears. Hailey ran over to Louis like there was no tomorrow, I've never seen her run so fast like that, not even in gym class. "Oh my god, Louis I love you so much. You are so perfect, and sexy, and amazing, and inspiring. You're my everything" Hailey screamed while playing with his hair, and hugging him to death. "Haha thanks love. What is your name" Louis asked hugging her back as she screamed again. "Hailey" Hailey replied. "Lovely name" Louis pulled away from Hailey. "Desi, where's Harry at. I need to talk to him right now" Louis playfully punched my arm. Hailey gave me a death glare. "In our room" I reply smirking at Hailey. "Thanks love. I'll see you later" Louis hugged me. I hugged him back. "I'll see you guys later too" Louis said to Catherine, Karsyn, and Hailey. Hailey was so mad at me. But she got over it in the next 5 minutes.

When Louis left, we all went back to mine and Harry's room to watch a movie. "Lets watch a scary movie" Hailey said hitting my shoulder. "Haha okay fine" me and Karsyn reply. "Oh hell to the no" Catherine said jumping on me causing me to fall on the ground. "Lets watch Paranormal Activity 4" I suggest. Karsyn, and Hailey agree. "Fine, then I'm getting my boyfriend" Catherine said. "What.. You have a boyfriend" I asked with my eyes going big. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I'm dating josh" Catherine says with a huge grin on her face. "Awwwwww" we all say. She called Josh and told him to come over. 10 minutes later he showed up. It was now 4:00pm, and the movie was starting. I snuggled with Harry, Catherine snuggled with Josh, and Karsyn and Hailey snuggled. I got so scared, I stopped watching it. Harry was laughing the whole time. "Babe it's alright. Relax" Harry said pecking my lips as I tried to breathe. I was so freaking scared. After the movie was over, the sun was starting to set. "What are we going to do now" I ask. "Lets go to the roller skating rink" Karsyn suggested. "Okay" we all agree. It was now 6:27pm, and Me, Harry, Catherine, Josh, Hailey, and Karsyn were all on our way to the skating rink. We got in, paid for our skates, and skated to the skating floor. Karsyn couldn't skate for anything. So she stayed with Hailey. Catherine, and Josh hit the arcade. Harry, and I decided to skate too. 20 minutes later Catherine, and Josh joined all of us. C'mon C'mon came on. Karsyn, Me, Catherine, and Hailey all fangirled and skated off of the skating floor. We started doing the joe. Everyone was looking at us like we had issues. But hey, we only live once, right? After the song was over, we went to get some food. We took our skates off and ran to the food corner. "Hi, what do you guys want tonight" the nice lady asked. "Can I get some pizza, Doritos, and a Pepsi" I ask. "Can I get pizza, and Mountain Dew" Karsyn asked. "Can I get pizza, and Dr.pepper" Hailey asked. "Can I get some nachos with extra cheese, pizza, coke, and some candy" Catherine asked rubbing her tummy. We all just laughed. "Can I get pizza" josh and Harry asked. She gave us our food, and we all walked to the table. I sat with Catherine, Karsyn, and Hailey. Josh, and Harry were sitting together talking about UK football.

After we all finished we ran over to the little play thingy they had in the skating rink. I ran in first. I found a slide, and some cute little boy pushed me down. I quickly got up, and went back up. I took a left, and found a rope swing in a corner of the play house. "Yaaayyyy I'm going first" Karsyn pushed me aside jumping on the rope swing. Josh, and Catherine were still at the slide. Harry was talking to some fans. "My turn" I pushed Karsyn off of the swing, and jumped on it. "I'm too tall for this" I laugh as my feet kept hitting the top of the play house. We've been playing now for 30 minutes, and I was getting tired of this. I got out, and found Harry signing autographs for some fans. It wasn't a crowd, thank god. It was 4 of them. I walked over to Harry and stood by his side. "Oh my god, you're Desi. Harry's girlfriend" This one girl said. "Haha yes I am" I giggled shaking her hand. "And your name is" I asked. "Kennedy" she said while shaking. "Lovely name" I started to hug Harry. "Lets skate babe" I tell Harry. "No, don't go" another fan screamed. "You guys can come. But I'm skating next to Harry" I tell them. We put back on our skates, and started skating again. Josh left, he was knackered.

5 minutes after we started skating, Rock Me came on. I smirked at Harry, Karsyn, Catherine, and Hailey. We all just started hip thrusting while skating. Kennedy was all over Harry. I mean, I love it when fans get to meet Harry. But they don't have to be all over him, he's mine. Harry, and I decided to take a break, and we took a seat on the side of the skating floor. It had benches on the wall. Hailey, Catherine, and Karsyn soon joined in. 3 girls came over to me, Karsyn, and Hailey. Catherine, and Harry took a bathroom break. "Are you guys directioners" this one girl asked me. I guess she didn't know who I was. "Yes we are, are you" I asked the girl. " yes, we thought you were when we heard y'all scream out the lyrics of Rock Me a second ago" she told me sitting down. "Who was that guy you were skating with" she asked me. I guess she didn't notice it was Harry. "My boyfriend" I smiled at her. "Oh, cool" she said. "So who's your favorite one in the band" this girl asked me. "By the way, my name is Azure" Azure told me. "Harry" I said while blushing. "Oh my god, same here" Azure screamed. "I love Niall the best" the other girl said. "Me too" Karsyn screamed giving her a high five. "Harry girls" Azure gave me a high five also. "I love Louis" Hailey said smiling. "Cool, I love him too" we all said while laughing.

We started talking about Dark, then Ed Sheeran. Harry, and Catherine finally came out. Oh god, I'd like to see where this is going. I got up, and skated towards Harry which he had his back turned away from me, and so did Catherine. "Where is she going" I heard Azure ask Karsyn. "To her boyfriend" I heard Karsyn reply pointing at Harry. "Oh" she said still not able to see his face, so she didn't know it was Harry. I finally got up to Harry. "Hey babe, what time are we leaving" Harry asked turning around facing me. "Ehmm in an hour" I said. "Fine, but you have to cuddle with me tonight" Harry said increasing the distance between us. "Okay, that's okay with me" I say pecking his lips. He put his hands on my waist, picking me up, and putting me on the table. He pressed his warm lips against mine softly. "Awww" is all I could hear back there. Harry and I slowly turn around to see them starring at us. The 3 girls finally noticed it was Harry, and I was Desi. "OH MY GODDDD IT'S HARRY STYLES" they all said jumping up skating to Harry. They were so happy, they kept falling trying to get to Him. I laughed. They all hugged Harry, and turned to me. "Oh my god, you're Desi. I'm so sorry. You look so much better in person, I didn't recognize you" Azure screamed at me while hugging me. "Haha thanks" I hugged her back. She playfully punched me in my arm. "Why didn't you tell me you were Desi, and that your boyfriend was Harry Styles" she asked me. "Uh, i didn't want you to attack me, and scream" I giggled. I noticed Harry still had his hands on my waist, and was holding me. I tried to pull away to go to the arcade, but his grip was too strong. "Come on Desi" Azure screamed at me. "Hold on. I'm going to try to get Harry to let go of me. I'll be there in a second" I told Azure. She gave me a death glare and turned around. I totally forgot she was a Harry's girl, oops.

He finally let go of me, and he carried me bridal style to the arcade with everyone else. There was a huge blue mat on the side. He put me down, tackled me to the floor, and pinned me down. He was now on top of me. "I can feel the sexual tension" Catherine chuckles. "Oh, shut up" I told Catherine. Harry started tickling my sides, and I started laughing like crazy. Azure cleared her throat, and Harry looked at her with a confused look on his face. She looked back with a 'get off of her' face. "Need anything" Harry asked rather rudely towards Azure. "Why are you on top of Desi" she asked. "Cause I want to be, and she's my girlfriend" Harry snapped at her. "Calm down curly" I giggled running my fingers through his curly locks.

It was now 11:54pm, and I was getting tired. We drove to Kroger and got stuff to eat, and went back to the hotel. "Hey, when am I going to meet the rest of the boys" Hailey asked me. Now. I opened Niall's door to find Niall, and Louis doing a twitcam. Louis signalled me to leave so we did. Hailey was getting tired so she went home. She could just meet them tomorrow. Harry, and I went back to our room, and changed. I got changed into a red tank top, and some yoga pants. Harry didn't wear a shirt, but he wore some jeans. We went back to Niall's room. They were still doing a twitcam, but I walked in anyway. I walked over and hugged Niall and Louis. "Oh, and you all know this is Desi. Harry's girlfriend" Louis points to me as I wave to the camera. "Hi" I say to all the fans. A bunch of people said hi back. I went over to the couch, and laid down only to be followed by Harry, Louis, and Niall. Louis still had his laptop in his hand doing a twitcam. I was starting to fall asleep. "No" Harry poked my stomach that was showing from my tank top. "No what" I mumbled. "No, you can't fall asleep just yet. You promised you would snuggle with me babe" Harry kissed my cheek. "Oh, it's getting heated in here" Louis laughed. I didn't even want to read what everyone was saying. "Ugh, fine" I mumble as Harry laid right next to me on the couch. He put his hand on my waist as I held him close to me. Louis said something but I was too tired to understand what he said. 15 minutes later I fell asleep in Harry's arm.
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