C'mon C'mon

hey guys! This is my new fanfiction :) i hope you like it! well the book is about One Direction, Desi and Her awesome friends Catherine, Isabelle, and Hailey! Enjoy .. oh and who likes Haylor ? haha i sure don't .


14. Niall and Karsyn?


POV - Karsyn.

Man I was so tired from last night. As soon as I got back to the hotel, I fell asleep on the floor. I woke up in bed next to Niall... WIERD. I was still in my clothes I wore last night. I turned around facing Niall who was staring at me. "Hey love, where were you last night" Niall asked with a disappointed look on his face. "Skating with Harry, Desi, Josh, Catherine, and Hailey. Why" I asked. "I was worried, and I missed you. Also I watched a scary movie and I had no one to cuddle with" Niall blushed, so did I. "Awwh sorry" I blushed once again. "I have a question" I told Niall. "Okay, what is it" Niall asked raising his eyebrow. "Why are you in my bed without a shirt on" I asked. "Oh ermmmm I was just-" Niall said but I interrupted him. "Niall it's okay, I don't mind" I chuckled. "Okay good" Niall pecked my cheek, and got up. Catherine was still asleep on the couch. I got out of bed, walked to the bathroom, washed my face, and brushed my hair.

When I was done Desi, and Harry came in. "Hey baby cheeks" Desi said slapping my butt. She was like one of my bestfriends so I didn't mind at all. "Hey baby" I hugged her tightly. "Hi Harry" I waved at Harry. "Hello Karsyn" he waved back. "You smell good" I told Desi. "Ha thanks, so do you" she laughed. "So what are we doing today" Desi asked looking at me, Niall, And Harry. "Hailey is coming over that's for sure" I told her. "And Isabelle" Desi screamed. "How about we have Hailey, Isabelle, Zayn, Niall, Me, Kennedy, Louis, Liam, Danielle, and Eleanor all stay here, and hangout" I ask. Everyone nods. It was now 11:46am, and I was about to get in the shower. Everyone left to get ready but Niall.

"Do you know you're so beautiful" Niall asked me wrapping his arms around my waist. "Haha Niall stop it" I playfully pushed him away. "I'm serious babe" Niall stared into my blue orbs. Niall never knew I had feelings for him. I liked to play hard to get, so I was going to do that with Niall. "Whatever, go take a shower, and come back" I laugh. "Okay, don't miss me too much" Niall kissed me on the cheek. "Haha I'll try not to" I gave him a bear hug. Gosh, he was so cute. He then left the room to take a shower. I took my clothes off, put them in the dirty clothes basket, and got in the shower. The warm water felt so nice on my skin. In the middle of my shower, Niall came back in. Oh god. He takes the fastest showers ever. I forgot guys take fast showers. Wait.. I left my clothes in the room. Damn. What am I going to do? I don't want Niall to see me in just a towel. We aren't even dating yet. I was panicking in the shower. I stayed in the shower for another 15 minutes. I rinsed the soap off my body, turned the water off, and got out of the shower. I found my towel, and wrapped it around me. I quickly walked out and got my clothes. On the way back, I felt a pair of warm hands on my wet, exposed shoulders. I turned around to see Niall holding my bra. This was so embarrassing. "Ermmm can I have that" I laughed. "Yeah I was giving it to you" he handed my bra to me as I basically ran to the bathroom.

I finally got dressed into some blue skinny jeans, a white shirt, and a pink scarf that matched my toms I was wearing, and my headband. I took out my curling iron, and curled my brown hair. I walked out and saw Niall on his phone. I wonder what he was doing. I slowly walked over to him, and say next to him on the couch. "Woah, you look amazing love" Niall stared at me head to toe. I blushed. I really wanted to date him, but he needs to make a move and he's not. Maybe I should like someone else. Why would he like me? I'm just a fan. He's in one of the biggest boy bands in the world. Why would he like someone like me? Oh well. "Thanks" I gave Niall a fake smile. I was so hurt, I want him to love me like I love him.

POV - Harry.

Desi, and I just got done taking showers. Desi wore some white shorts with a gold belt showing, a purple tank top, and some black toms. I wore black jeans, a white t shirt, and my favorite blazer. "Babe, can I straighten your hair for you" I ask Desi watching her straighten her hair in the bathroom. "Sure" Desi laughed handing me her pink zebra print straightener. I didn't really know how to do it so I had Desi demonstrate for me. I learned, and started straightening her dark brown hair. 10 minutes later, it was finally straight. "Yay I did it" I said while kissing Desi's cheek. "And you didn't burn yourself" Desi smiled. It was now 12:24pm. Desi went out of the room, and went to get something from Karsyn's room.

When she was gone, her phone rang. Her ringtone was DNA by Little Mix. I quickly looked at the Caller ID that read Isabelle, and answered it. "Hello" I ask softly. "Ermm who is this" Isabelle asked. "Harry. Harry Styles" I replied. "Oh are you Desi like bestfriends now" Isabelle asked. "Actually she's my girlfriend" I reply with a grin on my face, even though she can't see me. "What, are you serious" Isabelle asked surprised. "Yeah, she didn't tell you" I asked. "I remember seeing you the night I met Desi" I told her. "Yeah I remember. I didn't know y'all became friends and then started dating. I thought you left to go on tour. Right now I'm at my dads house in London. We haven't really talked, so she never told me" she said. "Oh. And Josh and Catherine are dating also" I say. "Awhhh cute" she says. "Well tell Desi I should be there in like 25 minutes" Isabelle said. "Okay, I will" I told Isabelle. "Okay, bye Harry, see you later" Isabelle said. "Okay, bye" I hung up the phone and put it back on the charger.

5 minutes later Desi walked in. "Isabelle called" I told Desi. "What did she want" Desi asked raising her left eyebrow. "She'll be here in 20 minutes" I tell her getting up. "Okay, well Hailey is already in Karyn and Catherine's room" Desi said. "Who else" I ask her. "Ermm all I know is it's Catherine, Josh, Karsyn, Niall, Hailey, Liam, Danielle, and Louis. All we need is Eleanor, Zayn, Kennedy(Zayn's little sister) and Isabelle" Desi said. "Okay, well then lets go" I grab Desi's hand pulling her towards the door. "Oh and before we leave" I said as I pressed my soft lips on hers and walked out of the room to Karyn and Catherine's room leaving her speechless. Okay then. "Hey guys" Desi said sitting next to Karsyn, and Niall. "Hey" they all greeted her back. 10 minutes later Zayn, Kennedy, Isabelle, and Eleanor walk in, but at different times. Karsyn, and Desi went in the kitchen and made some popcorn because we were about to watch a romantic movie. Eleanor was sitting on Louis' lap. Danielle sat next to Liam. Hailey was sitting next to Louis. I was sitting next to hailey, Desi was laying on me, and Niall was sitting next to Karsyn.

Soon Karsyn and Desi came out with a bowl of popcorn. We put the movie 'The Lucky One' in the DVD player and we all started cuddling. Catherine, and josh were cuddling. Eleanor and Louis were cuddling. Niall and Karsyn were cuddling. Liam and Danielle were cuddling. Zayn and Isabelle weren't cuddling, but they were very close to each other. They are so cute. They were starting to like each other more. Hailey just sat there. And of coarse Desi and I were cuddling. In the middle of the movie Catherine and Josh started making out. "Ew, Gross. Get a room" Louis screamed out. Desi and I started laughing and finished the rest of the movie. It was a great movie. It was now 4pm and we didn't know what to do. "Lets play truth or dare" I screamed clapping my hands like a retard. They all agreed to it though. We all sat in a circle, and Desi went first. "I pickkkkkk Isabelle" Desi screamed. "Truth or dare" Desi asked Isabelle. "Truth" Isabelle replied looking scared. "Would you ever date Zayn" Desi asked Isabelle. Her face went red in seconds. "Maybe" Isabelle blushed while looking at Zayn. Now it was Louis' turn. "Ehmm Harry. Truth or dare" Louis asked me. Oh god. "Dare" I say biting my lip. "I dare you to snog Desi in the main lobby, in front of all of the fans" Louis laughed. I looked at Desi as her face went blank. I slowly got up, took Desi's hand and walked towards the elevator. Everyone followed behind us. We all got out and everyone was screaming running towards us. I said hello and started talking to some fans. Louis cleared his throat and gave me 'the look'. Desi was talking to the fans, but oh well, I had to do my dare. In the middle of her sentence I turned her around, wrapped my arms around her waist and snogged her. It was really weird snogging my girlfriend in front of our fans in a hotel. 35 seconds later she pulled away, took my hand, and we went back to Karyn and Catherine's room followed by everyone.

Next it was Catherine's turn. "Niall. Truth or dare" Catherine asked Niall. "Dare" Niall replied with a huge grin on his face. "I dare you to hug Karsyn for at least 20 seconds" Catherine told Niall. His face turned red, and he chuckled looking at the ground. Karsyn was so ready, she looked like a dog finally getting its chew toy. Since Karsyn, and Niall were sitting next to each other, they didn't have to move. 10 seconds later Niall wrapped his arms around her tightly. You could feel the sparks in the room. It was now 20 seconds. "Alright, you can stop now" Catherine laughed. They ignored her and kept hugging. A minute later they stopped, and it got really awkward.

We stopped playing cause we got really bored. So we just got on our laptops/phones, etc. I was on twitter and I was looking at the tweets me and Desi were getting. "Awww Darry an hour ago in the lobby" a girl named Mallory tweeted a picture of me and Desi snogging earlier. It was everywhere now. Desi was on Instagram looking at pictures of me. I looked, and chuckled. She was a little embarrassed. I took her phone, and took a picture of us. I posted it on Instagram. "Hacked by your boyfriend Harry! I love you so much babe" I posted on her personal IG account. She laughed and took her phone back, and went on Facebook. It was now 5:30pm and we were once again bored.

Everyone stayed at Karsyn and Catherine's room while me and Desi went to a club. Club 21 and under. I kept on my clothes I was wearing, Desi wore a strapless dark blue dress that was mid thigh, and some black high heels. She left her hair straight. 20 minutes later from getting ready, we want to the club. We walked to the dance floor and started dancing to 'Scream And Shout'. After the song we kept dancing for a while. Desi took my hand, and pulled me to the bar. Oh god, I know where this is going. "Babe, don't drink too much" I warned her as she got her first drink. She had like 6 more after. I could tell she was getting drunk by the minute. "D-Do trees have baby's too" Desi asked nearly falling over. "Oh no. You're drunk aren't you" I asked. "I don't even know. You're so attractive. Are you my boyfriend. I hope you are. I would love to have you all to myself babe" Desi laughed kissing my neck. "Wow you're so drunk. Yes we are dating, and thanks" I reply laughing. She smirked and played with my curly hair. "Listen, I'm going to the bathroom. Stay here" I told Desi. "Ha sureeee okay Edward" Desi laughed slapping my bum. I came out of the bathroom and saw some guy wrapping his arms around Desi. Since she was drunk she didn't do anything about it. I wasn't mad at her, I was mad at him. I started to ease drop a little. "Hey babe, what's your name" he asked her. "I'm Desi" she replied shaking his arm away from her. "And I'm Harry. Her boyfriend" I said giving him a death glare. "You have a beautiful girlfriend, can you share her with me. I'd love to have a good snog once in a while" he said falling over as he was drunk too. "Never, I think it's best if you'd just leave us alone before it gets ugly" I say calmly trying to keep my temper. "Why you gotta be so mean dude, fine whatever" He said walking away.

We then decided to leave. We got in the car and drived home. Everyone was still in Karsyn, and Catherine's room. It was now 10:30pm. Desi ran into room. "Hey sexual's, you guys look like peanuts" She laughs falling on the floor. I slowly pick her up. "Sorry she's really drunk right now" i tell everyone. "Okay, I just want to warn you Harry. Don't take advantage of her. Even if you are Harry Styles I'm not afraid to punch you in the face, she's my best friend" Catherine said giving me a serious face. "Trust me, I won't. Even if she tries to pressure me" I laughed. So did everyone else. "Hey, I just met you" Desi sang poking my cheek. "Oh ha good night my childrennnnnn" she said slapping her face on accident. "Goodnight" they all replied. We got in our room now. I put her in bed, and we both lay down. "H-Hey, I can't go to bed wearing the same clothes I did an hour ago" Desi laughed grabbing my shirt. "Okay, then get changed" I laugh. "Babe, I'm really dizzy, do it for me" Desi laughed still half drunk. I got up unzipped her dress and took it off revealing her pink polka dotted bra that matched her pink polka dotted underwear. I got some yoga pants, a white tank top, and a hair bow for Desi. I put her clothes on, and put her hair into a pony tail as she asked. "Sing to me" Desi demanded. "What song" I asked. "Irresistible. You know.. The song you and the boys made" she laughed pulling me closer to her as we cuddled. I started singing to her. She soon fell asleep, I kissed her forehead, and fell asleep myself also.
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