C'mon C'mon

hey guys! This is my new fanfiction :) i hope you like it! well the book is about One Direction, Desi and Her awesome friends Catherine, Isabelle, and Hailey! Enjoy .. oh and who likes Haylor ? haha i sure don't .


4. I Like Harry Too

POV - Catherine

I couldn't really remember what happened 5 hours ago. All I could remember was me and Cody breaking up. I already missed him. He was such a good boyfriend, until he started cheating on me. I forgot who he cheated on me with. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I finally remembered he cheated on me with Alyssa. Then I started to Remember the fight me and Alyssa had today, and how everyone was staring at us. I had asked Desi to come home and comfort me. What is taking her so long, how long could it possibly take to get home? Suddenly I heard a knock at the front door, and knew it was Desi because of our secret knock we have.

I got out of my bed, cleaning up all of the tissues I have used from today. I walked down the stairs, and opened the door to see Desi with a huge grin on her face. She walked in and went straight upstairs signalling me to come with her. So I did. "What's all this about?" I asked with a questioning look on my face. "Nothing, tell me what happened with you and Cody. I will tell you about my day later." She told me while staring into my hazel eyes. After I had told her what happened she was furious. "Wow, Alyssa has problems. She's always stealing someone's boyfriend" she told me looking at the ground.

"So how was your day with Isabelle?" I asked looking into her brown eyes. She soon blushed, and put a huge grin on her face. She told me she watched a movie and went to the Roller skating rink, and she paused for a moment. "Go on" I told her. "I met a guy" Desi told me with a smile plastered on her face. "Who was the guy?" I asked. "Harry" she mumbled. "Harry who?" I asked. "Styles" she screamed and started fangirling.

"No way, are you lying?" I asked her with a shocked look on my face. "Nope" she smiled. I couldn't really process what she had told me. I was really shocked. My best friend met Harry Styles from One Direction. I'm really happy for her. But no one knew that I had a thing for Harry myself. He is really cute. I just didn't want anyone to know. I was a little jealous at first. I wish I could meet him, and talk to him in person. Desi continued to talk about meeting Harry when I stopped her. "Woah, wait you have his number, and he has yours?" I asked her with a mad look on my face. "Yes, I kinda just said that" Desi laughed. "Oh, cool" I told her trying not to scream in her face. She stopped talking and we went down the stairs and started watching a funny movie.

This movie is really funny. But I couldn't stop thinking about Desi and Harry. I really like him. Even though he doesn't even know I exist. My thinking stopped as Desi's phone lit up. She was getting a text message from Harry, suddenly I felt my heart sink. Desi fell asleep in the middle. I unlocked her lock screen, and looked at the text message.
From: Harry
Hey, Beautiful. I'm picking you up tomorrow around 7:00pm, I want to take you out to dinner.
After I read that I started to cry. But I didn't want Desi to see. I wiped away my tears, and woke up Desi from the couch she was sleeping on in my living room. "You got a text message from Harry" I told her trying not to cry again. Desi had the biggest grin on her face. I gave her the phone and she replied, moments later she fell asleep again. I wanted to know what she sent him. So I took her phone and started to read what she sent back to him.
To: Harry
Okay that's fine with me :) see you tomorrow!
I was so upset. They're we're going on a date. I couldn't really do anything about it, Desi wouldn't have said no. She loves him so much. I turned off the lights, picked up Desi, turned off the TV, and went upstairs. I put Desi in her bed across from mine, and I got in my bed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
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