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hey guys! This is my new fanfiction :) i hope you like it! well the book is about One Direction, Desi and Her awesome friends Catherine, Isabelle, and Hailey! Enjoy .. oh and who likes Haylor ? haha i sure don't .


15. Fair

POV - Desi.

"WAKEEE UPPPP" someone screamed in my ear making me fall off of the bed, and onto the floor. "W-What do you want" I asked trying to open my eyes. Man, I had the worst hangover ever. I had a major headache. "It's 11:34am babe, wake up" someone said. I slowly opened my eyes and saw my boyfriend Harry. "Where are you going" I asked confused why he was all dressed up. "No where. Now get your lazy arse out of this bed, and go eat breakfast" Harry pulled me out of the comfy bed I was sleeping on.

I slowly walked over to my mirror, brushed my hair, and put it in a messy bun. I walked down the stairs, and into the Karsyn's room. "Heeyyyy wifey" Karsyn tackled me to the floor. "Heyyy wifey" I said while giving her a bear hug. "What's for breakfast" I asked. "I made us some waffles" Karsyn grinned. "Yay, I love waffles" I scream. "I know" Karsyn smiled at me, handing me a plate of waffles. After we ate we put our plates in the sink and walked into Niall's room. "Hey guys" Harry greeted us. "Hey"we both say, but I sat on his lap playing with his curly locks. "Oh did I tell you the tour is over tomorrow" Harry asked. I didn't want the tour to end, if it did I wouldn't see him everyday like I am now. "Ermm nope" I said punching him in the chest. "Ow. Sorry" Harry said getting up. "I'm going to start packing" Harry said walking out the door, and into our room. "Help me pack, and I'll help you pack" I told Karsyn. "Deal" she shakes my hand. We ran to the room Harry and I share, and ran to the closet. I took two outfits out and put them aside for today, and tomorrow. I packed everything else but some toiletries. I went to Karsyn's room and helped her pack.

Once we were done it was now 4:46pm. We mostly sang, and talked, so it took us a while. Everyone else was now packed. I haven't seen Catherine all day. It's like she was hiding from me. "Now what" Karsyn asked. "Can we hangout with Niall. Pleaseeeee" Karsyn asked getting on one knee. "Fine" I said walking towards Niall's door, and openening it. "Hey Desi" Niall screamed while patting me on my head. "Hey Karsyn" he hugged her. "Hey" we both said. I noticed Harry was sitting on the couch, so I sat next to him. He looked at me. "Hey" he kissed my forehead. "Hey" I replied. Karsyn and Niall soon joined us. "So, what are we doing today" Niall asked. "We'll there's this new fair that opened today, wanna go" Karsyn asked. "Yes" we all screamed at her.

Harry, and I walked back in our room. Harry laid down on the bed because he knew I was going to take the first shower. I quickly stripped my clothes off, and walked towards the shower. "Don't take too long babe, I have to take a shower too" Harry screamed. On the way towards the shower my towel fell off. Crap. I grabbed my towel, and looked at Harry. Thank god he was laying his head down. I ran to the bathroom, and turned the water on. The warm water melted my body. "AHHHHHH IT'S HOTTTT" I screamed jumping out of the shower. I could hear Harry laugh. I turned the water down, and got back in the shower. 8 minutes later, I heard my phone ringing, but it was far away.

20 minutes later I turned the water off, and got out of the shower. I put my towel on, and walked over to my suitcase. "Finally" Harry screamed running towards the bathroom. I guess he had to use the bathroom. I picked up my outfit that was sitting on my suitcase, and put it on. I wore an orange shirt that said 'Harry's Girl' with a heart on it, some white shorts, orange toms, and my necklace Harry gave me. Once Harry got in the shower, I went in the bathroom. I plugged in my straightener, and turned it on. "Is that you, Desi" Harry asked. "Yeah" I said walking out of the bathroom to get my brush. I walked back and started straightening my hair. "Babe, I have to get out" Harry said walking out of the shower. "AHHHH. Gross" I screamed while looking away. Harry laughed and put a towel around him. I opened my eyes and continued doing my hair. "Hurry up" Harry said pulling at my hair. "Okay, I'll be done in like 2 seconds" I laughed. Once I was done Harry, and I walked into Niall's room.

"Ready to go" Karsyn asked. "Yeah" Harry, and I answered. "Lets go then" Niall jumped into the air, running towards the door. We just followed him. We all got in my car, and Niall drove to the fair. Once we got there I ran towards the photo booth pulling Harry with me. Niall, and Karsyn were pigs, so they went to get some food.
While I was waiting in line, I saw my best friend Alexis there by herself. "Ahhhhhh Desi" Alexis screamed tackling me to the ground. "I miss you" She hugged me. "Hey, I miss you too" I laughed hugging her as tight as I possibly could. "Who's that" She asked pointing towards Harry who was now wrapping his arms around my waist. "My boyfriend" I laughed. "Which is" she asked. "Harry" I said. "Harry" she asked. "Harry Styles" I laughed pointing at Harry. "No way. I'm dreaming. This can't be real" She screamed at me. "I just met Harry. And you're dating him. I never thought this would happen, I thought you were just kidding when you said you were gonna end up dating Harry some day" Alexis screamed holding onto me the whole time. "Haha it happened" I laughed. Harry was scared of her at first, by he loosened up a bit. It was finally our turn to get in the booth. "Can I come with y'all" Alexis asked. "Sure" Harry smiled at her. We all got in and started posing for pictures. The first one, me and Alexis were hugging each other while Harry was acting like a cupcake. The second one, I kissed Harry on the cheek, as he had his mouth open in surprise. And the third one was all of us acting random, and weird. After that me, and Harry, and Alexis climbed out to a bunch of screaming fans.

"Woah, I cannot get used to this" Alexis screamed. "How did they know we were here" I asked Harry. "I have no clue babe" Harry said grabbing onto me. I did not like crowds this big. At all. "Can we please go, I don't like this crowd" I asked Harry. "Yeah" Harry said picking me up and walking towards the arcade center as Alexis followed. "I gotta go, see you two love birds later" Alexis winked. "Bye" I said hugging her. "Bye love" Harry waved at her and looked at me. "What" I asked with a confused look on my face. "You're so pretty" Harry kissed my forehead. "Yeah right" I laughed with sarcasm in my voice. "I'm not arguing with you again" Harry said. "Okay" I laughed pulling him into a kiss. "Now, lets go do something" I told Harry. "But we are" Harry winked at me. "No, actually do something. I don't want to sit here all day and kiss you" I said standing up. "And why is that" he asked giving me puppy eyes. "Because. Lets go" I pulled his hand and ran over to the ride section. After a few rides I started to feel sick. "Change that thought, lets go home. It's 8:47pm" I said to Harry. "Okay, lets go get Karsyn, and Niall" he took my hand as we walked around looking for them. We found them, eating. They were in a corner eating pizza. "Hey, we're leaving lets go" Harry said trying not to laugh at them. "Okay" They both said getting up, bringing their food with them.

We got to the car, and drove back to the hotel. We all went to Niall's room. "Where were you guys" Louis asked. "Fair" I smiled at him. "Hey, not fair. I wanted to come" Louis punched my arm. "Too bad" I laughed at him. "No. I'm Louis Tomlinson. I always get what I want" Louis said snapping his fingers in Z formation. "Here we go again" Niall said. We all started laughing. "Well it's 9:23pm, I'm going to bed. The flight leaves at 2:30pm tomorrow. Goodnight guys" Louis said walking out of the room. "Me too" Karsyn said walking to the room with Catherine. "Harry lets go to bed, I'm tired" I said tugging at Harry's blazer. "Alright, Niall we're leaving also. I had a great time, goodnight mate" Harry, and I walked out of the room. Once we got in, I stripped. I didn't care at the moment, I was so knackered. "Woah" Harry laughed at me. "Sorry I'm tired" I told Harry. "Not a problem for me" Harry winked. I rolled my eyes, and smiled. I walked over to my suitcase, and got out my pink zebra print cotton shorts, and a white tank top. I put my hair into a pony tail, and climbed into bed with Harry. "WAIT I HAVEN'T SEEN MY SISTER ALL DAY" I screamed running out of the bed. "Your sister" Harry asked. "Catherine" I ran out of the door. I opened her door, and walked in. She was reading a fan fiction, while listening to music, so she had her earphones in. "Boo" I screamed hitting her shoulder. She jumped, and fell out of the bed screaming. I was laughing so hard, I was only clapping, and there were no sound coming out of me. "YOU SCARED MEEE" Catherine screamed getting up. "I know. Hey, I missed you" I hugged Catherine. "Hey, I missed you too" she hugged me back. "Where's Harry" Catherine asked. "In the room waiting for me" I laughed. "Oh" Catherine laughed. "Well I gotta go. I'm tired. See you tomorrow. Goodnight" I hugged Catherine one last time, and walked back in the room. I climbed in bed, and turned the lights off. "Goodnight" Harry said grabbing my waist while he pulled me closer to him. "Goodnight" I laughed while turning around so that I was facing him. I slowly kissed him, and fell asleep.
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