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hey guys! This is my new fanfiction :) i hope you like it! well the book is about One Direction, Desi and Her awesome friends Catherine, Isabelle, and Hailey! Enjoy .. oh and who likes Haylor ? haha i sure don't .


11. Concert Kiss


POV -Karsyn.

On the way to the arena I sat next to Niall. I didn't really see him as Niall Horan the sexy Irish one from One Direction, I saw him as Niall Horan my good friend I met from Desi. He had perfect blue eyes, I couldn't help but just stare into them. I didn't notice Niall was watching me while I starred into his eyes. I've been waiting for 4 months for him to ask me out, but he's taking forever. I want him to be mine, and only mine. "What" Niall chuckled. "Huh" I asked in confusion. "You were starring at me" Niall laughed. This was embarrassing. "Oh, oops sorry" I said. "45 more minutes, and we'll be at the Arena" Louis informed us. I slowly looked at Harry, and Desi all cuddled up, giving each other cute kisses here, and there. I wish me and Niall could have a relationship like that, nothing could tear them apart, not even Taywhore. I guess I was going to have to make the first move with Niall. I took his hand, and entwined mine with his. I slowly laid my head on his chest while he sang to me. 5 minutes later I sat up, and looked at Desi. I was sorta bored, and I wanted to talk to her. I told Harry to wake her up. He actually listened to me. She woke up, and looked at me. We started having a conversation about the fans not wanting us here with the boys. Catherine joined in soon.

"Josh" Catherine screamed across the road. She ran out of the car, and hugged him tight. We were now at the arena. Josh, and Catherine soon got crowded by screaming fans. Niall, and I walked out, and also got crowded. I could tell Desi was scared, she didn't like getting crowded by fans. Harry took her hand, and pulled her out of the car holding on to her waist cause he knew she didn't like crowds. What a gentleman. They got crowded the most. Everyone kept asking about their relationship, and if Desi was okay. Some fans thought they broke up, because of Taylor and Harry in the hospital. This one fan kept tugging Harry towards her. She basically tried to make out with him, she also kept squeezing his bum. Desi noticed it, and told her to please back off. Desi took Harry's hand, and tugged him towards the entrance. Niall, and I followed after, holding hands. People asked if we were dating. We just ignored it and walked inside. Catherine went off somewhere with Josh. It was now 6:30pm and their first concert for the world tour started at 7:00pm. Harry, and Desi went to Harry's dressing room. Louis went to his. Zayn went to his. Liam went to his. And Niall and I went to his dressing room.

POV - Desi.

We just got into Harry's dressing room, it was actually really neat, and clean. He stripped his clothes off, and walked over to his closet. "Hey babe, what should I wear" Harry asked still not wearing anything but boxers. I walked over to his closet, and looked what clothes he had in it. I found a perfect outfit. A White t shirt, his favorite blazer, and some pants. I turned around to give it to him, I had to shield my eyes while I faced a naked Harry. "Oh my god, Harry" I screamed shielding my eyes. "Oh, hey" he said kissing me on my cheek. "Here, I picked out an outfit for you, put it on. Now" I handed the outfit I picked out to Harry. I turned around and sat on the couch. After Harry got dressed, he fixed his hair, and got the rest of the boys. The concert started in 10 minutes. Karsyn, Catherine, and I couldn't stay on the stage with them. So we left backstage and made our way to the front row. I met some really nice directioners before the show started.

"Hello everyone" Liam screamed to the crowd while the rest of the boys came out running behind him. Everyone got really loud. Catherine, and Karsyn were right next to me. They started performing Live While We're Young, then after, Kiss you. They stopped, and started to read twitter questions. Kim asked "if you would live anywhere in the world, where would it be?" Liam answered first. "Paris" Liam shouted. "Australia" Harry screamed. "Nandos" Niall laughed. So did the rest of the crowd. "Los Angeles" Louis screamed. "Italy" Zayn shouted. It was now the next question. My heart was pounding in my chest as I read it. Ashley asked "Harry, can you please sing yours and Niall's solo to your girlfriend, if she's there" I couldn't breathe for a moment. I have a huge stage fright. Catherine, and Karysn were laughing at me cause I froze up. Soon everyone was looking at me pushing me up the stairs to the stage. I really didn't want to go, so I stayed onto Catherine. Harry got off stage, took me off of Catherine as I tried kicking him off. It didn't work, he was too strong. He picked me up bridal style, walked to the stairs, and onto the stage. I was so scared. He finally put me down. He knew I had stage fright. He took my hand, and kissed me on my cheek as I blushed. I felt really bad for the Harry girls in the crowd tonight. They started playing the music, Harry grabbed me by my waist and started singing softly. Our foreheads were softly touching, I actually forgot I was on stage for a moment. When he was done the crowd screamed like Crazy. A lot of people were screaming at me saying "you guys are perfect" I laughed, and tried to walk off the stage. Harry grabbed me. "You can't leave" he said looking into my brown eyes. I looked at him in confusion. Everyone was just starring at us. "You can't leave... Without kissing me first" Harry said. Oh my god, I didn't want to kiss him in front of all these Harry girls. I didn't want to make them mad. I tried my best not to make them mad, sad, or jealous of me and Harry, but it was too late, I felt a pair of soft lips press onto mine. A few seconds later he pulled away. He walked me back to my seat, and all the fans that sat next me asked for his autograph. He couldn't sign autographs now, so he went back on stage and they all started performing Last First Kiss.

An hour later the concert was over. Me, Catherine, and Karsyn went backstage. Karsyn went in Niall's dressing room, Catherine went in Josh's dressing room, and I went to Harry's dressing room. 20 minutes after relaxing in the dressing rooms, we decided it was getting late, and we should go back to the hotel. It was now 10:38pm and I was really tired. In the car I fell asleep in Harry's arms as he sang to me. I woke up in our hotel room. I looked at the time that read 11:25pm. Harry was playing with my curly hair. He loves it when I curl my hair! I took my phone out of my pocket, and went on twitter to see what everyone was talking about. Half of all of my mentions were from Harry girls hating on me, and the other half telling me to read some type of fan fiction called Dark. I could tell Harry was reading my mentions too while he had his head laying over my shoulder. "Babe, what's dark" Harry asked raising his eyebrows. "A fan fiction that I'm going to read" I kissed Harry on the cheek. "It's a Harry Styles fan fiction" I winked at Harry. "Oh, can I read it too" Harry asked increasing the distance between us. "Sure babe" I laughed.

We started reading Dark. 20 minutes later Niall walked in. "Hey guys, what are-" I threw my pillow at him. "Shh, don't talk right now. Harry and I are reading Dark" I told Niall in a soft voice. "Oh, so is Karsyn, and Catherine" Niall said. "Well goodnight guys. Love you" Niall said giving us both warm hugs. He left the room, and we continued reading. I could tell Harry didn't like himself in the fan fiction. I loved it. It was amazing, on the other hand Harry hated it. "I would never do that to a girl" Harry screamed with an attitude. "I know, Harry. Relax" I told him trying to calm him down. "I didn't like it that much, I'm not that mean, and it was kinda inappropriate" Harry pouted. I thought it was funny. But he was right, it was very inappropriate. We were only on Chapter 12. Harry started to get all hot, and sweaty so he decided to strip off. Into nothing. I hate it when he did that, kinda. It was really hot in here, I changed into some shorts and a tank top. "Awwh you're not going to strip off with me" Harry asked. "Nope" I smiled. "Yes" Harry tugged at my tank top. "Ha you're funny. Nope" I kissed Harry on the cheek. "Yes, pleaseeeee" Harry asked giving me a puppy face. "Stop Harry, you know I always give in to your cute puppy face" I told him. Awwhhh His puppy face was so adorable, he looked like a cupcake. "I'm not taking my pants off though" I screamed at Harry while taking my shirt off when Harry looked disappointed cause I was wearing a tank top underneath my tank top. I just laughed my bum off. I thought he was going to kiss me, but he took off my tank top and threw it somewhere. I was only in my pink bra now. I felt really awkward, and weird. I stopped laughing as he increased the distance between us. He leaned in, and kissed me. Liam, Niall, Catherine, and Karsyn walked in as they were concerned why I was laughing so loud. We heard the door slammed shut, and quickly stopped kissing. I looked over at the doorway to see Liam, Niall, Catherine, and Karsyn starring at us. "Oh, umm" Niall said while whistling. "Uhhh I was just checking on you" Liam said clearing his throat as he walked out of the door with Niall. Catherine, and Karsyn started to laugh really loudly. Liam ended up pulling them out of our room. 10 minutes later of talking with Harry, I fell asleep on his bare chest.

The next day I woke up by myself. I was scared, I thought Harry left me. I got up, fixed my hair, washed my face, and got dressed into some black jean shorts, a pink tank top, and some black boots. I looked at the clock that read 9:04am. Why did I wake up so early? I went to check on Niall. I walked in and saw Niall kissing Karsyn. "Oh, uhh hi. Sorry I was just leaving" I stuttered as I told them. Karsyn's cheeks became red. "No, it's okay, you can stay" Niall came up to me. Karsyn gave me the look. It was obvious she wanted me to leave haha. "No, I have to look for Harry anyways" I told Niall as I winked at Karsyn, and walked out of the door. I guess they were gonna start dating soon. I walked into Louis' room, and walked over to him. "Hey, boobear. Have you seen Harry" I asked Louis. "Hey, Desi. Yeah, he's in the toilet" Louis said pointing towards the bathroom. "Thanks Lou" I hugged him. "No problem" Lou hugged back. I waited for Harry on Louis' bed. He finally walked out, and saw me. "Morning babe" Harry said kissing my neck. "Morning, you seem really flirty today" I said laughing. "Oh haha I do" Harry asked. "Yeah" I told Harry. "Last night was really fun" Harry winked at me. "Woah, what happened last night" Louis asked raising his eyebrow in confusion. "Nothing" I playfully snapped at him. "Bullshit Desi. Tell me what happened Harry" Louis chuckled. "We read this fan fiction called Dark, then we both stripped off. But don't worry, Desi still had a bra on and pants. I wasn't wearing boxers. I needed to be free" Harry spilled out to Lou. I face palmed. I took Harry's hand, and walked to our room. "What are we going to do today" I asked Harry closing the door behind us. "Ehmmm we can... Go for a walk maybe" Harry said. I wanted to, but I didn't want to get crowded by fans again. "Okay fine" I kissed Harry on the cheek. We both got dressed, told Liam where we were going, and left.
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