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hey guys! This is my new fanfiction :) i hope you like it! well the book is about One Direction, Desi and Her awesome friends Catherine, Isabelle, and Hailey! Enjoy .. oh and who likes Haylor ? haha i sure don't .


7. A Drunken Mistake


POV - Harry

After Desi left, I went back to sleep. I woke up the next morning with Desi in my face. I think she came in earlier. I wasn't wearing a shirt I now just realised. Desi went In my closet and pulled out a t shirt and my favorite blazer. I put it on, after I gave her a hug. She blushed, as she pushed me away telling me to put my shirt, and blazer on. I picked her up, and ran into the kitchen. Everyone was just staring at us. "Put me down now Harry" Desi screamed at me. "I'm good" I replied with a smirk on my face.

I put her down. We ate breakfast with Louis, Niall, and Liam. Louis started to play with Desi's hair, he tried to curl it. It looked horrible. So I decided to straighten it with her pink zebra straightener. Half way through her hair I burned my hand. Desi started laughing really loud, she stood up to see my hand and laugh some more. "Hey, it's not funny" I winked at her. "Haha it really is" she replied trying not to laugh again. I picked her up and started running towards the living room. Everyone was in the kitchen. I threw her on the couch, and started tickling her. "Is it funny now" I asked her. "Yes" she said while laughing her head off. I kissed her cheek and picked her up. I could see Niall looking at us. I acted like I couldn't see him.

Niall came in my room. He asked us if we wanted to come with him and Karsyn to a club. He wanted to go to Club 21 and under. We both nodded in agreement. It was already 5:00pm. Desi drove home and got ready. I didn't really worry about getting dressed. I got in the shower. 15 minutes later I got out, dried off, got dressed in my usual clothing. By the time I was done it was 7:00pm. Desi knocked on the door as I opened it to see Karsyn with her.

"Hey Babe, hey Karsyn" I told them. "Hey" they replied. Karsyn found Niall in the kitchen. He wasn't ready yet. Niall then got in the shower, and got out in 30 minutes. Me and Desi went in my room and waited. She was wearing a tight, strapless, low pink dress. She laid her head on my chest. I started to kiss her neck when she pushed me away. I gave her a confused look. "Harry" Desi said giving me an annoyed look. I pulled her tighter and cuddled with her. Karsyn walked in and told us we were leaving.

It was now 8:30pm. We got in my car and went to the club. Niall took Karsyn's hand and ran to the bar. He went to get them some pints. Me and Desi hit the dance floor. We danced for a while, and after, we went to get a drink with Karsyn and Niall. Before we got there, I bumped into some friends and introduced them to Desi. We finally got to the bar. I had one drink, and Desi had 3 in 5 minutes. She was getting really drunk. She got another after another. She just drank her 10th one in the past 7 minutes. I only had 6. Karsyn doesn't drink. She had several glasses of water instead. Niall was really drunk. I went to go to the bathroom.

POV - Desi

I was really drunk. I had drink after drink. I couldn't control myself. Harry left to go to the bathroom and so did Karsyn. It was just me and Niall. Awkward. He walked over to me and pulled me over to the wall and pushed me against it. He started kissing me. I tried to push away but he wouldn't let me. I know I'm drunk but I'm still in a relationship with Harry. He started tugging at my dress, trying to take it off. I quickly slapped him and ran away to find Harry. He had just came back from the bathroom. Niall went back to Karsyn.

I got 6 more drinks and I was done. I felt really dizzy and I didn't feel to good. I got up to go Dance as I almost fell when Harry caught me. I was acting so silly and drunk. Harry guided me to the dance floor. We danced for a while. Harry decided for us to go home. We all got in the car and left. We got back to the house. Karsyn decided to watch TV by herself in the living room because Niall was really drunk at the moment. Harry and I got in his room. I took off my shoes and got in his bed. He did the same but took off his blazer, and shirt. We cuddled together in bed. I was still really drunk. He started to kiss my neck. I was drunk so i didn't really do anything. One hand was on my waist and the other was playing with my hair. I was falling asleep when all of a sudden his lips pressed against mine. I pulled away 37 seconds later when Karsyn walked in to get her phone from my purse. We both turned to her. "Oh sorry, I just wanted to get my phone. I see you guys are having a good time" Karsyn laughed walking towards my purse and winking at us. Harry and I just blushed and went back to kissing. I stopped and fell asleep on his bare tanned chest.

POV - Karsyn

I was really bored. Desi and Harry were too busy making out to socialise with me. I didn't want to be with Niall because he's drunk. The rest of the boys were sleeping. I unlocked my phone and went on Instagram. There was a million pictures of Desi and Niall kissing tonight. I was furious. I can't believe one of my best friends would kiss the guy I really like. Niall came in and wrapped his arms around me. I pushed him away and got up crying. "What's wrong baby" Niall asked me. "Don't talk to me. You know what's wrong" I screamed at him probably waking the whole house up. "What are you talking about" Niall asked me with a confused look on his face. "Would you like to explain this picture" I showed him the picture of him and Desi kissing as I cried. He looked surprised because It was on Instagram and everyone knew about it. Harry and Desi were now watching but they didn't know what was happening. "I was drunk, I didn't mean it. Calm Down" Niall told me.

"What's happening" Harry asked Me. "This picture" I showed Harry the picture of Desi and Niall. He turned to Desi In disbelief. He let go of her hand. "How could you? You cheated on me and kissed one of my good mates. I knew you were a slut from day one. Just leave, I hate you" He screamed at Desi. Desi couldn't explain. She was full with tears. Harry was upset at what he just told her. "I understand Harry. Now I know how you felt when you met me. Is this all I joke to you?" She asked softly. "No, I didn't mean it Desi. You know that" Harry told Desi tugging at her waist. She pushed him away trying to run away. He ran after her. Louis, and Liam were now watching too. "Harry stop. We're done. Don't talk to me" Desi screamed at him. "Karsyn we're leaving" Desi told me. Harry kept kissing her neck as she just pushed him away from her. It was only 11:00pm. We got in the car and went home.

POV - Harry

I can't believe what I just said to her. I can't believe she broke up with me. Maybe she's just mad at the moment. I turned around to see Louis, Liam, and Niall starring at me. I wanted to kill Niall right now. "What the hell just happened" Louis asked. "Desi just broke up with me" I replied with tears in my eyes. "Why?" Liam asked. "Why don't you tell them Niall" I screamed at Niall. He looked at the ground. "Okay, I said some hurtful stuff on accident because i saw a picture of Desi and Niall kissing" I spilled out. Liam was shocked. "Well I'm pretty sure things will work out sooner or later" Liam told me. Louis and Liam went back to bed.

Niall walked to him room. And I walked to mine. I cried and cried. I didn't mean what I said. I really did love Desi. I wanted to know what happened. I walked into Niall's room. "Harry, I'm really sorry. I kissed your girlfriend. She didn't kiss me. I kissed her. She tried to tell you that but she couldn't get the words out. She tried to pull away but I didn't let her, It was a drunken mistake." Niall confessed. "Really? You kissed my girlfriend because you were drunk?" I asked him. Niall nodded In agreement. I walked back to my room ad slammed the door shut. I picked up my phone and called Desi. She wasn't answering. I called back 6 times. Nothing. I decided to just go to her house.

I got to her house and knocked on he door. Catherine opened the door and smiled at the me "Hello, where's Desi?" I asked her. "Hey, she's crying in our room" she replied letting me in. I walked up the stairs and into the room. She noticed me and threw a pink pillow at me. "Go away Harry" she screamed at me while getting up. "Nope. Niall told me what happened. I didn't know he kissed you first. I'm sorry" I told her. She started walking down the stairs. I chased after her. Catherine looked confused. I finally caught up to her. I put my hands on her waist and she pushed them away. I slammed her onto the front door and looked into her brown eyes that was filled with tears.

I kissed her again. This time it was a slow passionate kiss. She pulled away. "Still mad" I asked. "Yes" she snapped back. I picked her up and threw her on the couch again. I started to tickle her. I pulled her on top of me. "Still mad" I asked. "I don't know, I just want to go to bed." She relied. I took off my shirt and shoes and we cuddled in Catherine's living room. We then fell asleep.
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