The Next Door Neighbor

A girl named Abby who 18 always gets in trouble by her parents.So her parents sent her to London and lived in a apartment with her best friend Sara. Suddenly they meet One Direction next door to them. Abby was interested in Zayn and Sara was interested in Harry. Will the couples be friends or will they take it to the next level?


1. Moving

Abbys P.O.V.:
Abby! yelled my parents. My mom said,"your in so much trouble young lady!" My dad says "why are you partying on a school night,also today you had a hangover!" he said angrliy. I said, " whos cares I want to have fun!" My mom said,"thats it your staying in London with your friend Sara! Now pack your bags now your leaving!" I ran to my room and packed all of my stuff, even my One Direction poster because I love them so much. I yelled,"I'm Done!" then all of us got in the car and drove to the airport.
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