The Birthday Wish

Ashley is makes a wish and blows out the candles, will it come true, or will she get more than she hoped or even better.... Read to find out


6. You Can Sing?


*2 weeks later*

No-ones Pov:

   He's practicing for the tour still wishing she could come, they've grown close over the past weeks. He can't stop thinking about her, how her waves perfectly fall over her shoulders the way her blue eyes shine when shes with him, how they can talk about anything and say nothing, her smile that he knows is because of, but mostly he loves that shes not afraid to be herself always so confident even when she knows she probably wrong and jokes at the people who try to tear her down. He wishes he could be like her in that way, but he's not.

She's not afraid of all the attention 
She's not afraid of running wild 
How come she's so afraid of falling in love? 
She's not afraid of scary movies 
She likes the way we kiss in the dark 
But she's so afraid of falling in love


  She's singing Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran little does she know he has just arrived at her flat. He sits and listens to the angel in front of him he wondering why he didn't know she could sing. 

And I've always been shit at computer games, and your brother always beats me, And if I lost, I'd go across and chuck all the controllers at the tv, and then you'd laugh at me, and be asking me, if I'm going to be home next week, And then you'd lie with me, until I fall asleep, And flutter an eyelash on my cheek, between the sheets.

She notices his presence and stops suddenly tuning off her music to turn and face him, hes smiling and starts to clap wrapping her in a bear hug and kissing her head. before breaking the silence.


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