The Birthday Wish

Ashley is makes a wish and blows out the candles, will it come true, or will she get more than she hoped or even better.... Read to find out


4. Nice Job Styles


" Sorry i missed them introducing you. I'm Harry whats your name love?" god was he gorgeous and his accent.

" I asked you what your name was love" He said he Cheshire accent made me melt once again.

 'I-I'm... I'm uh um...." I stuttered and forgot my name... Great just great

"Well its nice to meet you uh um." he said laughing and reach to shake my hand

"Y-you t-too" i really need to stop stuttering. Harry started laughing.

"Seriously love whats your name?" he asked again

"A-ashley" finally remembering

"That's a pretty name for an even prettier girl." he said cheekily. 

"Thanks" I said blushing. The next thing i know Harry Styles was kissing me. i started kissing back but soon stopped when i remembered Niall. I pulled away 

"Harry I can't" i looked up saw Niall standing there heart broken we weren't even together but i wanted us to be and Harry just blew my chance. I ran out of the pub crying, I just ran till I couldn't run anymore. I looked around to see where I was, i was lost, but there was a park. I went and sat on the bench. I cried for hours, when someone sat next to me. I looked up and saw Niall."

'W-what are you doing here?" my voice quivering from crying "I thought you wouldn't want to see me again"

"Why'd you do it?" he sounded as if he'd been crying "Why'd you kiss him"

" I didn't he kissed me i kissed back but i stopped because i thought of you then i saw you so heart broken, and were not even together. I figured you would hate me so i just left then i ended up here." i explained

"I don't hate you and i can't really get mad at Harry i mean your right were not even together and your hot." at that i blushed "I just thought we had something and I still do, can we just put this behind us?" he asked

"Put what behind us?' i asked playing along he smiled 

"Can i tell you something?" he asked

"Anything" i wonder what hes gonna say

"The reason i was so upset was because even though we just met i think i-i love you." he admitted. I was shocked i didn't know what to say i just sat there speechless looking at him like an idiot. " I should've know you didnt feel the same way." he said sounding as if i just tore his heart out of his chest. He got up and started to walk away.

"NIALL WAIT" i yelled he turned to look at me."

 " i love you too, not like when i would fangirl over you and say how much i loved you. But I really love you the real Niall not the boy i see on the magazines or the posters on my wall. You are a normal person, a really attractive normal person, but a normal person none the less. and I'm sor-." i was cut off with his lips pressed to mine. 

"Posters on your wall?" He asked laughing god i love his laugh. "Thanks i get told that a lot.'

"I said that out loud didnt I?" i blushed

"yes you did" he smiled "Now do you wanna head back to the pub or do you wanna go home?" he asked.

"As long as your with me i dont care." i said

"Your so cheesy." he grabbed my hand and walked me to the car i got in and he shut the door behind me. This is the best birthday ever i thought to myself.



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