The Birthday Wish

Ashley is makes a wish and blows out the candles, will it come true, or will she get more than she hoped or even better.... Read to find out


3. Live While Were Young

Ashley's POV

 "I told you he was with a girl" Said Louis winking at me. 'What were you and said girl doing?" he asked Niall

"That's none of your business" Niall said, witch was returned with ooos from Louis. "Be nice Lou its her birthday as well" he said whilst smiling at me " 

  "Niall can i talk to you in private." i said grabbing his hand puling him away from the boys

  "What is it babe?" he asked worriedly

 "Nothing I'm just really nervous, do you know how long I've waited for this day, my birthday wish was to meet you guys and look where i am." I explained "I'm just scared they wont like me."

" They will love you babe just not as much as I do." he gave me a reassuring smile and kissed me on the lips "C'mon trust me." he said while taking back to where the boys were.

Did Niall Just say he loved me? i started fan girling inside. i must have been staring in space cuz i was brought back to reality with Niall shaking me.

"Guys this is Ashley today is her birthday as well so it is as much her party as it is mine." Niall said man was he sweet. "Babe ill go get us a drink what do you want?" he asked

"Whatever your having" and with that he walked away

  Sorry for the short chapter i couldn't think of anything else to write. Thanks for reading loveys! Have any ideas or Anything i should fix comment below or email me at thanks. xx




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