The Birthday Wish

Ashley is makes a wish and blows out the candles, will it come true, or will she get more than she hoped or even better.... Read to find out


8. Ideas...

Niall's POV:

     "I didn't know you could sing." I said, breaking the lingering silence.

"Most people don't." She replied.

"Why not" I questioned, wondering why she would keep such an amazing talent to herself.

"Because I don't think I'm very good at it."

"Are you kidding me? You sing like an angel; you're better than me that's for sure!" I said truthfully.

"You're Niall Horan from One Direction, so I'm pretty sure I'm not a better singer than you." She said, obviously not believing me.

"If you don't believe me, then come with me to rehearsals tomorrow. You can sing for the boys, plus you haven't seen them since our birthday."

"Fine I'll go, just to prove you wrong..." She said, "I'm just not looking forward to seeing Harry."

"You'll be the one getting proved wrong, and don't worry about Harry. He knows your mine."

"Whatever you say Niall, and technically I'm not yours." She said with a snicker.

"What do you mean?" I asked, slightly confused.

"You should know what I mean." She smiled, "Now if you excuse me, I have an apartment to clean." With that she walked away, leaving me to think about what she meant.



**Next Day

Ashley's POV: 

    "ASHLEY WAKE UP!!!" Niall screamed while running into my apartment 

    "I Don't wanna." I groaned rolling over to look at him "Why do I have to anyways?' i asked

    "You going to rehearsals with me remember." He reminded me

       "Fiiiine." i said whilst getting up. i walked over to my closet picking out an outfit. After i settled for one of Niall's sweatshirt and some skinny jeans, i went to the bathroom to put my hair in a mess bun, and put on some mascara. 

    "NIALL IM READY WHERE DID YOU GO!?' i yelled. When i didn't get a response i walked to the kitchen and found it to be empty, he wasn't in the living room either. When i finally gave up and sat down on the couch i saw a note on the side table

 "Yay you found the note... took ya long enough 

While you were getting ready I decided I would go and get some food

as you still are in desperate need of some for your kitchen

. i will be back around eight it should give of just enough time to eat and just barley make it on time."

 Love your one and only'


    That's weird i went shopping two days ago, with him with me. I wonder what hes up too?

Niall's POV:

     After i thought about whats she said i decided to go buy her a gift and properly ask her to be my girlfriend over dinner tonight. To buy me time to make reservations and buy the gift  i decided to go get some breakfast for us. As i pulled up to her apartment i hid the gift in the glove box. "I HAVE FOOD" i yelled as i walked in

     "IM IN THE LIVING ROOM!!!" she hollered back i walked to the living room to see her in one of my sweatshirts

    "I've been looking for that." i said smiling

     "I took it last time i was at your place, and i'm pretty sure it looks better on me." She said laughing at the last part "what did you get for us to eat" She asked looking at my empty hands

     "I bought some donuts from the bakery there in my car cause i decided to get the boys some." I explained

      "Okey dokey then lets go" She said walking to the door 

~skip car ride~

    "Hey man" I said hugging  harry "I brought food." i heard Ashley cough behind me "Oh and Ashley's here." I could tell she was smiling    

    "Of course you brought food i'm just surprised your gonna share." he said playfully hitting my shoulder "and shes not gonna distract you during rehearsals is she?" he asked looking past me where Ashley was standing                                            

    "Of course i wont cause' i'm gonna be singing today as well to show the lil leprechaun that hes wrong." She said in the sassiest tone ever before she started giggling 

     "Ooooh really?" Said harry obviously amused 

    "No not really shes wrong but its up to you and the rest of the boys." I said correcting both of them 

    "Whatever." Ashley said whilst coming up to me and grabbing my hand "Now can we please go inside?" it was more of a command then a question.

Ashley's POV:

    I cant believe I'm doing this, i guess im just hopeful that im wrong. 

    "ASHLEY!!!" i haerd someone scream before i was almost knocked over

    "Uh hi Louis how are you." i asked still in shock

    "I'm great Niall hasn't shut up about you since that night at his party, well your party too, but i'm just glad to see you so he'll shut up." With that i could see Niall blushing 

    "So he talks about me huh, well i guess that's a good thing ." i said smiling "Im starving and Niall brought donuts." I said realizing my growling tummy. Niall and i ate four apiece leaving the rest for the others.

      "Okaay guys its time to rehearse " Said Liam. "But first Niall wants Ashley to sing for us so Ashley Whatcha gonna sing? he asked

    "Well umm idk.." i said truthfully  "Any ideas?" i asked

    "A-team" suggested Zayn

    "okay A-team it is." the music started as i started to sing

White lips pale face

breathing in snow flakes

burnt lungs sour taste

and they say shes in the class a-team 

stuck in her daydream 

been this way since eighteen but  lately

her face seems slowly sinking wasting crumbling like pastries

and they scream the worst things in life come free to us

cause' shes just under the upper hand

goin' mad for a couple grams 

and she don't wanna go outside tonight

and in a pipe she'll fly to the mother land

or sell love to another man 

its to co-old outside for angels to fly

to fly to fly 

angels to die

    When i finished Louis  jaw was dropped Zayn was smiling like an idiot Niall looked proud Liam was staring, And Harry started the clapping. Next thing i know all the boys are on their feet clapping and Niall ran up to me and whispered

  "I told ya so" he winked and the rest of the boys came to were i was standing 

   "That was amazing" They all said in unison

   "Well thanks" I couldn't stop blushing ONE DIRECTION is complimenting my singing.

    "Group meeting" Hollered Niall "Ashley feel free to eat the last donut." he winked and walked into what i guessed was a meeting room.


Niall's POV:

    When I saw the boys reaction to her singing i got an idea.

    "Okay so you guys know how I've been getting worked up about leaving her for 6 month, well i just came up with the greatest idea." i said feeling proud of myself

    "What is it then?" Asked Liam

    "What if she came on tour with us as an opening act then i wouldn't have to leave her and she wouldn't have to waste that pretty voice of hers." I explained They all agreed and we went back to finish rehearsals  i wasn't planning on telling her till dinner tonight. I can't wait.






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