The Fighter

My name is Max. I am 14. I have always loved boxing ever since my dad took me to his gym. I watch the fighters train. When my dad took me to watch my first fight I told myself I want to do that. My mom never aproved she thought it was too dangerous. I loved singing and so she wants me to be a singer instead of a boxer. I want to be both and I plan on doing so. I get a little help on the way.


2. The Dream

The tip taps of the jump rope on the ring. The sweet smell of sweat and hard work. The rugged old brick walls, low light, trophies cover the walls. Clippings from newspapers and pictures of fights and fighters hang on the wall. The dedication and fearlessness in the eyes of the fighter as they get focused on the fight on the way. Motivating themselves that they will not lose. They will not be a loser.

Screaming and cheering ringing in their ears is no match of breaking the focus they have. Walking into the ring. Looking at the one they are facing, looking for weaknesses, their focus, seeing how badly they want to win. Keeping eye contact with the other fighter as you touch gloves. The bell sounds signaling the fight to begin. As eye contact is still going on seeing who will take the first shot.

In a few seconds a fist flies and the fight begins. Fists go for a hit with every swing the cheers get louder as screams of encouragement starts to ring in the ears. As I swing my fist I have aimed it perfectly and-

Beep, beep, beep

My alarm sounds always ruining the best part of my dream. I sit up in my bed looking around my room. It wasn’t that of an impressing room. The walls were a deep blue. A set of boxing gloves hung on the wall. Along with pictures of my dad and some of the fighters he trained. I got out of bed to get ready for the day. After I took a shower I went to get dressed. I pick out a dark purple t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I grab my black hoodie and headphones. Reaching for my duffle bag. I walked out of my room into the hallway of my house. It was a pretty big house. I heard my mom talking to my younger siblings. I had a little 8 year old brother and a 10 year old sister. My brother’s name was Seth and my sister’s name was Marisa. She was a MAJOR drama queen. Always complaining about boys and annoying girls.

“Hey Max." my younger brother Seth said to me with a happy voice. “Morning Seth.” I told him smiling and messing up his short brown hair. “Hey honey, you going to voice lessons tonight?” my mom asked me. “Mom I can’t.” “Why can’t you?” “Because I am going down to dad’s gym to work on Boxing.” “You have gone there every day this week.” “What’s so wrong with that?” “I don’t like the thought of you boxing. It is a very dangerous sport.” “It is not dangerous you are just overacting.” I told as I walked out of the kitchen. “Goodbye everyone.” I yelled leaving to go to school. I shut the front door and put my headphones on and put on Gym Class Heroes.

I was walking down the street and ran right into someone. “Oh sorry.” I said without looking up. I really didn’t care who it was that I ran into. I just cared about going to school to get it over with so I can go to the gym and practice some boxing.

When I got to school I walked to my locker grabbed my books and went to class. I walked into class and there was a few other students in there but not many I sat in my normal seat right up front. When the first bell rang I took my headphones off and put them in my bag. The rest of the students walked in as did the teacher. "Hello class." A mix of 'hello Mr. Fredrick' and 'mornings' filled the room. "First I would like to start by-" he was interputed when a new kid stode in the door way. "Sorry I am late I couldn't find the room." "Oh that is alright young man. What is your name?" "My name is Josh Devine." "Well Mr. Devine would you like to take a seat in the front row next to Maxine." "Alright." as he took his seat Mr. Fredrick started talking agian. "As I was saying class I would first like to start by taking notes." half of the class groaned. No body liked taking notes because his notes were so hard to understand and that also ment we were learning a new chapter and then a test was soon.

I pulled out my note book and a pen. "Hey can I borrow a piece of paper please?" Josh asked me. I didn't reply I just handed him the paper. "Thanks."

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