The Fighter

My name is Max. I am 14. I have always loved boxing ever since my dad took me to his gym. I watch the fighters train. When my dad took me to watch my first fight I told myself I want to do that. My mom never aproved she thought it was too dangerous. I loved singing and so she wants me to be a singer instead of a boxer. I want to be both and I plan on doing so. I get a little help on the way.


4. Practice

*Max's POV*

After spending a day with Josh I finally got to go to the gym. I practiclly ran to my dad's gym. I opened the front door and walked in taking in the smell of dedication and determanation. Yeah I know what you are probilly thinking. You can't smell dedication and determanation well I can. I know it sounds weird. Anyways I walked in to see my dad's newest boxer Matt. He was my age, tall, and pretty cute, but he was pretty much my brother so that would be weird. My dad likes to make one of his new boxers part of the family. The one that he thinks has the most potential becomes part of the family. Matt was in the ring right now doing a practice fight. I walked up to the front desk "Hey Steven." "Hey Roxy, going to show these boys how to box?" "Yeah always." He just laughed as I walked to the locker room to get changed. I came back out of the locker room and said hi to my dad. "Hey dad." "Hey honey I thought you had voice lessons tonight." "I did but I wanted to come here today." "well I am happy that you are here we have a new boxer coming in to train." "Awesome what about Matt?" "He just finished training he's coming back tomorrow." "Oh okay, when is the new boxer coming in?"  "He is here he is just getting changed." "Alright so I can start to warm up?" "Yeah." I walked away from my to start warming up.

When I was finished warming up I ask my dad if there was someone that I could face in the ring. When I found my dad he was helping someone. Must be the new boxer I thought I better go introduce myself. "Hey dad." "Oh hey honey meet the new boxer." He said pointing to him. "Hi my names Harry." "Nice to meet you Harry I'm Max, You look familiar." "I go to your school." "Oh alright now I remember you. Hey dad is there anyone here that I can do a practice fight with?" "Uh I don't know go ask Steven if there is anyone and if not ask if he will." "Alright." I walked up to Steven leaving Harry and my dad alone I couldn't help but feel like Harry was looking at me. "Hey Steven is there anyone that can do a practice fight here?" "No." "Okay, well can you or are you busy?" "I should be organizing the boxes in the back but I don't want to so sure why not." I walked into the ring and waited for Steven to get ready. He finally came out and was all ready. We were about to start the fight when we heard dad's voice. "Hey Steven did you organize the boxes in the back?" "Oh shit" Steven mumbled and jumped out of the ring "Sorry Max I better go do that." "It's fine Steven I'll just go ask dad if there is anyone else maybe." "Alright sounds good." Steven said as he ran to the back room. my dad walked up to the ring. "Did you find anyone?" "No Steven was organizing the boxes so he couldn't and no one else is here." "Oh well why not do a quick fight with Harry?" "Why not." "Okay I'll go get him but please go easy on him remember he is new at this." "I know dad." He just nodded and left to go get Harry. I heard him talking to him. "Hey Harry, want to do a quick practice fight in the ring." "Yeah sure." they both came out back into the main room. I was sitting on the ropes on the side of the ring when they came out. "So who am I facing?" Harry asked my dad. "Max." "I can't fight a girl what if she gets hurt I'll feel bad." "Harry you should be worried if you get hurt." I said to him sounding very confident. I was pretty confident. "You guys ready?" my dad asked as he walked over to the bell. "Yeah I am, Harry are you ready to get beat by a girl?" "Ha ha very funny but i doubt you can beat me." "Just watch it happen." "Alright you to stop talking and start boxing." My dad said as he rang the bell.

Harry throw the first punch. I dodged it and swong right back hitting him in the side. "There you go Max!" my dad cheered my on from the side lines. Harry swong again and missed. I throw a few more punches. one hitting his side again and the other hitting his stomach. My dad rang the bell before I beat him to badly. "Alright she can fight." Harry said as he walked out of the ring. "I would say the best fighter here." "Woah there Max don't get to confident." My dad told me. "Oh come on dad it's true." "Well not completely true." "well okay I am not better than you but I'm pretty close." "I don't know about that." He said smiling. I walked over to the stareo and turned it up. I like it like that was playing. I started singing it forgeting Harry and Steven were there. I always sang in front of dad so I didn't care if he heard. I stopped singing I heard Steven talk. "I didn't know you sang Max?" "Oh yeah just a little." "You are pretty good at it." "Thanks."

I got changed and said goodbye to Steven and dad. "Wait up Max." Harry yelled as he walked out of the gym. "You are pretty good at boxing." "Well I have been boxing ever sence I was little." "Really?" "Yeah dad use to take me to fights when I was very little I always enjoyed it, My mom doesn't like the thought of me boxing she thinks it is to dangerous." "Oh that's sucks." "Yeah she wants me to become a singer." "You should be a singer. You have an amazing voice." I blushed and looked down at the sidewalk.

We both walked in an awkward silence for a few more blocks. "Well this is my house." Harry said breaking the silence. "You live here." I looked at the huge house. "Yeah." "This house is huge." "Yeah it seems tinycompaired to the house next door." I looked at the house next door. When I seen it I realized that it was my house. "Oh ha." was all I said. "That is my house." "Your kidding me?" Harry said with a shocked face. "Nope this is my house." "You must have a big family." "Not really just me dad mom and my brother Seth and my sister Marisa." "Wow." "Well I better go home before my mom freaks out on me." "Alright see ya tomorrow Max." Harry said to me as he walked into his house waving to me. "Bye Harry." I waved back and opened the front door going inside my house.

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