The Fighter

My name is Max. I am 14. I have always loved boxing ever since my dad took me to his gym. I watch the fighters train. When my dad took me to watch my first fight I told myself I want to do that. My mom never aproved she thought it was too dangerous. I loved singing and so she wants me to be a singer instead of a boxer. I want to be both and I plan on doing so. I get a little help on the way.


7. A/N


sorry for this authors note all you lovly people. I just wanted to say sorry for taking a long time to update. I will try to get one chapter every week to two weeks. Are you all enjoying the it? I hope you are. I really am happy for everyone who read this and all of you are awesome. I also wanted you to know if you if you have a fanfic or a story that you wrote a one that you think I should read just let me know down in the comment section. Well I am going to start writing the next chapter and another chapter for "Give me Love" please go read that one it was my first fanfic so sorry if it kind of is bad. See all of you awesome people later.


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