The Girl Behind The Mask <3

Hello, My name is Madison, although you may not know me as that. You may just know me as The Girl Behind The Mask... ♥


2. Madison Jacobs <3



Hello World! My names Madison, but you can call me Maddie!

I have an um... interesting life... I guess you could say its a rollerocaster consider how many ups and downs I've encountered.

Well... I'm eighteen years young. I blow the candles out February 5th.

My passion is Art. Anything that has to do with art. Sculpting, painting, drawing, etc.

Art is my life, I feel like I can paint away reality and draw myself a magical pace where there is no pain.

My secret life is in the hands of my beautiful masquerade mask. Without this, I dont think I'd be here right now.

Also, I'm a big fan of photography. Im always with my canon camera on around my neck.

Well.. thats enough of me. Toodles (:

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