The Girl Behind The Mask <3

Hello, My name is Madison, although you may not know me as that. You may just know me as The Girl Behind The Mask... ♥


3. Chapter One <3

I woke up by the suns light reflecting on my windows hitting me in the eyes.

"Thanks sun." I groaned rubbing my eyes trying to unblind myself.
I got up and threw on my usual clothes for painting [polyvore] and headed down for the basement.

It was just about five am, my usual waking hour. Okay, I have about three hours before dad" wakes up.

When my father wakes up, I become a maid. Not the usual "Just go clean and your job is done" type of maid. More like the " Wait on me, hands and feet" typer. So.. waking up three hours before he does always gives me time to work on my paintings. My father has no idea that I paint or even that I have all the materials to paint. If he did, then that would earn me the beating of a lifetime. He hates when I try being better than him. One time he caught me tapping my fingers on the table, humming to a random tune so he slapped me for trying to be musically talented.


I smiled and sighed. Done. My masterpiece that I was presenting today was finished.


Pretty right?

Suddenly I heard the door from upsatirs slam an loud mutters come from the kitchen. Oh no. That meant dad was up.
Had three hours passed that quickly?

"Madison, where the fuck are you slut? my father porclaimed.

"Coming sir!" I yelled. Yeah, he makes me call him sir. He said I wasnt worthy enough to address him as 'dad', whatever.
I ran up the stairs and locked the basement door. I headed to the kitchen and proceeded making breakfast.


It was five pm at the time. Dad decided he was going out the pub and wouldnt be back till late. Perfect. My art show was at eight.
I waited until six to get ready. I was way too tired from working. Dad made me clean the house. Twice. Yeah, crazy, I know right?

Six came around and I got up from my spot on the bed.

I went to my small closet and pulled out a box that said "Art Show Dresses"
My mothers dresses. I smiled at the thought of her and slipped one on. I made my way to the vanity and did my hair and makeup (even though the mask covered my face) I then slipped on my disguise (mask) and smiled to myself in the mirror.

Outfit: [polyvore]


Finally around seven, I was ready.

I didnt want to go through the front entrance and leave a path to the show so I took my escape ladder and slid down.

"Not the first time I've done this, and definently not the last."

(A/N: Sorry its so short c;)

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