The Girl Behind The Mask <3

Hello, My name is Madison, although you may not know me as that. You may just know me as The Girl Behind The Mask... ♥


4. Cahpter Two <3


I landed with an oomph and hid my escape ladder in the bushes. Getting from my house to the art show was about a thirty minute walk. Great. Oh well, at least I was used to walking in heels. And havent gotten there like this before.
I began my walk and was careful not to leave a trail.

~Thirty minutes later...~

I soon arrived and went in through the back entrance.
"Hello M, can I have your autograph. I enjoy your looking at paintings and think you have great potential," an elderly woman said coming up to me.
I nodded and smile deven though she couldnt see my facial expression.
I signed her paper that had my mask on it and she went on her way.

Everyone soon got settled in and my "name was called up. I went on stage and sat down by the podium on a chair.

"So M, how excited are you that this whole art show was for all your creations?"
I thought for a moment than wrote in the laptop on the podium "I'm very excited to be here, and grateful for everyone who ha scome out to support me today.Thank you." (A/N: She uses the laptop so no one can know her name or voice. Part of the whole hiding your identity thing.)

The interviewer read my answer out loud and nodded while I was asked another question.

"Are you working on any other paintings at the moment?" a woman asked.
I thought back to this morning on the scenery I was painting before father yelled at me to make breafast. I shook that flashback away and nodded.
"Can you tell us anything about your latest creation?" she asked curiously.

I let out a small laugh and typed again. "I'm sorry, an artist never tells before she's done."

She nodded and read that out loud and sat down handing me over to the next interviewer.

"Hello M, who is your inspiration when you paint?" he asked.

I was about to answer when i heard a bunch of girlish squeals right outside the art show.
"OH MY GOD! I HEARD ZAYN MALIK IS HERE! LOOK I THINK HE IS HERE. LOOK OVER THERE!" some girl shouted and pointed out making everyone turn their heads from me to a guy in the crowd dressed in all black.

He took his hoodie off his head while I got lost in thought and studied his features. He had a quiff style on his hair and had tan skin.
The screams and squeals from outside seemed to rise when he did so.

I turned back into reality and looked over again at the quiffed hair boy who look worried? The girls seemed to break down the door and the guy took off running but not before mouthing the words 'I'm sorry' to me.

Who was the quiffed hair boy? And why were a bunch of girls screaming his name?

A/N: So sorry it took forever for me to update. I was working on my Niall story. I'll try o update again soon though! Tell me what you think and thank you for reading <3)

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