The Girl Behind The Mask <3

Hello, My name is Madison, although you may not know me as that. You may just know me as The Girl Behind The Mask... ♥


1. The Beginning <3

The names Madison Jacobs, although no one knows that except my "father," my late mother, and myself. Everybody else doesnt know I exist.

I know what youre thinking. Blah blah blah, every girl says that. W
ell, I actually mean it. Let me explain. You see, my "father" and mother had me at a young age, eighteen to be exact.

My mother had me and sursprisingly was fine.. Or so we thought. I was about toddler age when she stated having problems. (late reaction, I know) She was facing serious diseases and before I became a teeenage, she was gone out of my life. Just like that.

The week after mum had passed, my father had been acting rather strange. I just thought he was mourning.
That same day he came home late. Drunk. He slammed me across the wall and blamed me for my mothers death. Although it was my fault. He ended up raping me. That day was when my life turned from bad to worse.

Ever since that day, my father changed.
And by change I mean change our identity, his more than mine. I was still Madison Jacobs, although no one in London knew that. No one except some people I had occasionally said "Hello" to when we were all the at the supermarket in Minessota.

Yeah, he made us move to England. I never had any friends or much social contact.
When my mum was alive, she thought it would be best to home school me.
But when she died, my father didnt continue with the teaching. No, im not stupid. I taught myself.

Although. at the same ime of being a nobody, I was a somebody. A BIG somebody. Let me explain.
I was a famous artist. I drew, I love art. Any kind, it was just a mystery and I loved it.
My paintings were set up around all around the world.

No one knew exactly who I was, but they knew I was girl and they knew me as "M."
Thats how I always signatured my drawings. M for Maddison, although people always that it stood mysterious. Haha, oh well.

I always go to my art shows though, but with a mask on,one of those masquerade ones.
No ones ever tried to take it off because of the excitement that my identity hides.

Although getting to these shows was tricky.
You see, my father had bought an old abondoned home and secluded me from human interactions.
He never let me out so I always have to sneak out.

Although this one art show, neve rhad I thought would change my life....

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