Darkest Star, Brightest Shadow

There are some times in life where even the brightest of stars can become so dark and corrupt, that they are unstoppable. It is at this time of peril that a nobody, an insignificant little shadow, must step up to face the enemy. Umbra. Umbra must step up, and become the brightest of all shadows...


7. Thorn's enterance

Thorn moved as fast as she could, leaping over fallen trees and swerving around bushes. The goblins. She had seen them as she had started to run across the field, entering the woods from the top corner of the grass. They were moving fast. Oh, and they were part of the Imperial Dark Clan. In other words, the most powerful group of goblins in the uprising. Goblins chosen by the goblin king himself. There were just a thousand goblins in the Imperial Dark Clan. This may seem like a small number, compared to the millions that were involved in the uprising, but a thousand Imperial Dark Clan goblins? Forget it. Your fight was lost. Unless of course, you could unite the most powerful beings in the kingdom... Close to impossible, considering some of them worked alone, some were creatures like dragons, phoenixes, and winged panthers, and the last were people like Thorn. Following Carnelian to the end of the world. Oh, and one was nothing but a boy. A boy who she needed to save. She could hear a battle ahead of her. Thorn desperately hoped that Umbra was as good in battle as he had seemed. But he had probably never fought a real battle before. He would have to hang on until Thorn arrived. Thorn heard a battle cry, screamed by goblins. They sounded angry. Through the trees, Thorn caught glimpses of goblins. She charged into the clearing where Umbra was fighting the goblins, her eyes scanning the whole situation in only seconds. Umbra, the wolf, and another boy had goblins charging at them, surrounding them in a large circle. Thorn spotted another goblin, lying headless on the ground near Umbra's feet. Had he... killed their leader? Umbra, with no experience in battle, had killed the leader of this group? Thorn was in awe.

"You killed our leader." hissed one uncertainly. Umbra looked around with wild eyes.

"And you shall pay!" another screamed, launching itself forwards. Umbra was backed up against a tree, and could not move with goblins all around him. His life depended on who got to him first. Assassin or goblin. Goblin or assassin. Thorn threw herself forwards, trying desperately to get to the boy. Thorn threw knives with deadly accuracy, hitting the goblins weak spots with her knives. However, a few knives would not kill the goblin. They would, however, slow it down. Thorn lunged forwards with a powerful kick of her legs, slamming her entire body into that of the monster. They both went tumbling to the ground, rolling in the dirt. All thirteen of the standing goblins launched axes at Thorn. Somehow, the assassin managed grab the goblin's body, and pull it on top of her. It was these skills that had made her one of the best assassins of the kingdom. The axes thudded into the body of the other goblin, killing it instantly. Thorn swiftly threw the heavy body off herself, rolling to the side to avoid more axes.

"Umbra, run!" she yelled, before launching herself up from the ground and diving into the party of goblins, dual swords slashing so fast that they could hardly be seen. Aquila was the first to snap out of the trance of shock at being rescued.

"Let's go!" he hissed, grabbing Umbra's arm and trying to pull him away. Silver growled desperately at Umbra, trying to get him to move.

"But... That woman! She's going to get herself killed!" Umbra protested, staring at the battle. The assassin, moving and dodging axes so fast that he could hardly keep track of her, was doing well. Although, despite her skill, not well enough. Thorn would have to have thrice her normal strength and speed to defeat these foes alone. The assassin darted under the arm of the largest goblin, then sliced at his back. Thorn could never stay in one place for long; her survival, and Umbra's as well, counted on her speed and ability to dodge. Even so, Thorn was still being injured. She didn't yelp in pain as a spear embedded itself in her shoulder, when the axe sliced a scar across her arm, or when one of the goblins twisted her arm behind her back. Somehow, the assassin managed to kick both of her legs high in the air, sending another approaching goblin reeling back, and perform a perfect flip right over the head of the goblin who had been holding her in an arm lock. Grabbing her dropped blade, the assassin thrust it into the goblin's back, slaughtering him instantly.

"See? She'll be fine!" Aquila yelled urgently, dragging Umbra away. Aquila was moving fast, with Silver snapping at Umbra's heels in an attempt to keep him moving. In the last glance that Umbra caught of the fearless assassin, an axe had sliced a deep wound into her thigh. And then she dissapeared from veiw. From veiw but not from mind. Umbra could not take the image of the assassin out of his mind. She was stunning. Aquila, still dragging him along, glanced back to see if any goblins had followed. None. There were none.

"She just saved our lives, Aquila! We have to go back and help her!" Umbra whined, the wound on his chest still throbbing.

"No! She told us to run. You have a huge wound; you need to get away from the goblins. Then I can find some herbs and try and heal you. Well, at least ease the pain. We go back, and you're going to die."

"But she was getting injured! She might die if we don't help! If she hadn't helped, we'd be dead."

"Yeah. But she told us to run! If we get ourselves killed trying to help her, then she'd have got herself hurt for nothing." Aquila said, trying to close the disscussion. Umbra couldn't just leave the woman. He couldn't. He WOULDN'T.

"I... No. I refuse." Umbra growled, snatching his arm away and marching back.

"Umbra, wait! I'll go, instead. You stay here, and I'll go."Aquila blurted. "Since you saved my life, I'll go."

"What?" Umbra gasped, his expression clearly of shock. He stopped dead, then turned around. 

"No way. You already threw that axe at the goblin. We're even. We can both go." Sighing, Aquila nodded gravely. And with that, they went back to help Thorn.


After taking a rest, I know I must move on. Due to my chasers, I have not been able to stop and eat in the last week. Week or more, I should probably say. I have lost count of the days since these people have chased me. Exhaustion, hunger and thirst are taking the better of me. Yet I have to fight a gaurdian. Great. The next set of lava-falls shall have to be passed now. But Umbra... He intruiges me. Could he possibly be...? No. I tell myself that he cannot be. I shall not pull him into my troubles, troubles far worse than even the goblin uprising itself. Though we are bonded, I will not let him die. I cannot sacrafice him. Never. Never...

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