Darkest Star, Brightest Shadow

There are some times in life where even the brightest of stars can become so dark and corrupt, that they are unstoppable. It is at this time of peril that a nobody, an insignificant little shadow, must step up to face the enemy. Umbra. Umbra must step up, and become the brightest of all shadows...


23. The fearies

Umbra's dark eyes flickered open. The first thing they saw was a new face that he didn't recognise. No, wait! The dark angel who had saved them all... His expressionless face looked down on Umbra.

"Thorn'll be glad you're awake." he informed Umbra, his voice showing no emotion. Umbra gave a slight smile at Thorn's name, but his mind was still getting used to everything that was happening. Umbra sat up slowly from his bed of flowers and leaves. Looking at his surroundings, he fist thought that they were in Elteras or some other euqally stunning elven kingdom. There were gorgeous flowers in the glade he was lying in, with tall, magnificent trees and pretty bushes. There was a sahpire river running through the glade. It looked pretty elven to Umbra, but a female feary confirmed that it was not. The feary was sitting about five metres to Umbra's left, sitting calmly under the shade of a tree, picking petals from a flower and scattering them upon the breeze. She had long, blonde hair and pale green eyes. She wore high boots, up to the middle of her thighs. Skin-tight trousers of green matched the colour of the cloak that was thrown loosely over her shoulers. The feary had a circlet of petals upon her head, as well as a pale green shirt. Her wings were pale green like her eyes.

"Ah, Protector. I shall go and fetch your friends." the feary said to him, getting up slowly and dropping the stem. Her eyes seemed to welcome Umbra warmly to the feary woods. Her wings fluttered as she leaped into the sky, rising upwards and darting away through the trees.

"That's Emerald. She's the nature lord." the dark angel told Umbra, offering him a hand to help him up. Umbra took the angel's hand, letting the other haul him up.

"Thanks for before." Umbra told the dark angel. "I heard Thorn talking to you. She called you Jet."

"Yeah. That's my name. She... used to know me. Please, don't ask me or her about it. It's kind of painful." Jet said to Umbra. "Oh, and your friends are all okay. That healer friend of yours cured all their wounds. That goes for the mounts as well." the dark angel said, looking up at the sun for some reason. Umbra couldn't help but wonder how they'd known each other. Jet looked about five, maybe ten years older than Thorn. So it wouldn't be anything about a romance. They couldn't be related; there was no way Thorn was a dark angel. So what was it? And what did Jet mean by 'painful'?

"Sure." Umbra shrugged. "I won't ask."

"Thanks." Came the reply. Umbra nodded, as the feary returned with Carnelian, Thorn, Aquila, Lazarus, and their mounts. Zephyr flew straight at Umbra, his eyes concerned.

"I'm so sorry!" he told the Protector. "I shouldn't have let you-"

"Don't worry!" Umbra smiled, ruffling the feathers on Zephyr's head. The phoenix bowed his head in acceptance, but Umbra knew he was still guilty. Thorn ran up to him, and gave him a quick embrace. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it made Umbra's heart skip. She'd hugged him? He smiled at her, his eyes sparkling.

"You're okay!" she smiled happily, as the others got to Umbra. He felt enclosed in between them, as they all asked him how he was.

"Back off." Jet warned. They all obeyed, and Umbra thanked the elves for protecting him. Both of them shrugged it off like it was nothing. Then, a new feary fluttered in, on silvery wings. He landed softly, wings still fluttering slightly. This feary wore glittering silver armour, and had short blonde hair.

"Meet the lord of the water element - Tide." Carnelian smiled. Umbra nodded his head in greeting as the feary walked over.

"Hello." the water lord said in greeting, a smile on his pale white face. "Me and Petal will be coming to Elteras with you to teach you how to use the elements of water and life. I'll enjoy it. And then... We'll join you against the goblins." Tide told Umbra. "We should probably leave soon if we want to get to the dwarven city by sunrise tomorrow."

"Okay." Umbra replied, his heart still tingling from Thorn's hug. "I'm ready to go." At this, Carnelian nodded. Lazarus put a hand to Umbra's shoulder.

"Thanks for the lightning." he said, before springing up onto Sundance's back. The scarlett dragon took off before Umbra could reply.

"Come on!" Thorn smiled from Zephyr's back. Umbra nodded, swinging up onto the storm phoenix's back. Zephyr beat his wings, taking off and soaring upwards after Sundance and Inferno. The feathers beneath Umbra were comfortingly soft. So soft that Umbra could just let himself relax as Thorn told him what'd happened.

"Sundance and Inferno were the only mounts not to weak to fly. When Aquila woke up - and he was the first - he healed Zephyr and Blizzard. They helped to carry everyone out, and bring us to a feary wood. We found the element lords while you were sleeping - an easy feat, since both were eager to help." Thorn told him. Umbra nodded. Thorn... So beautiful, yet so mysterious...


The dwarven kingdom up ahead is beautiful, made entirely of red stone. The rock looks amazing in the sunrise, showing the true beauty of the dwarve's work. We have travelled for quite a while now, about a day and a night, with no stops. But we knew we had to reach the dwarven city soon. The goblins are getting even more violent than ever, invading more and more cities. Umbra had forgotten the nightmares, until the ride to the dwarven city. Then, he remembered, I think. He never said this, but judging from his constant shifting, it is what I think. Poor Umbra... He seems to be so alone in this world.

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